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Sunday, October 10, 2010

The end..

Hye guys! sooo, all good things must come to an end i guess.. and however hard it is for me to let go.. i still have to.. but this will be and opportunity for others to feel how i've felt for the past two years..

it's been amazing and i've learnt a lot and I have memories that cant be replaced but i'm moving on to a better me and with that.. i have to say bye bye..

so here's your chance guys...

I'm selling my D80!!! hahahah! u thought this was about the MASCA AGM huh? i'll write about that later ;) right now i desperately want to let go of my D80 body coz i wann upgrade to the nikon D7000!!!!! *drool* so my price is AUD650 and that price is inclusive of a Tamrac velocity 7x!!!! so think about it guys! i've had good times with this camera as u can see from the results here:

so think about it guys! and BUY MY CAMERAAA!!!

coming up

my thiughts on being in the masca committee for twoyears coming up :)

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Open House!

woohooo! just finished our open house thanks to everyone who came and more thanks to everyone who helped! my housemates din and munir, nina, ata, sarah, zahraa', eani eani, and nazee~

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Haikal and Sharifah

Haikal and Sharifah, originally uploaded by Arecheese.

i wish i had framed this a little better bcoz i wanted a good black and white picture out of this impromptu session but in a hurry, i kinda messed up the compo, but i still like the mood :)

Zahirah and Faiz

Zahirah and Faiz, originally uploaded by Arecheese.

This pic is soooo sweeet! with zee (the girl) looking lovingly at faiz (the guy) who's smiling happily, love it!!!! hope u guys berkekalan hingga ke akhir hayat ;)

Haikal and Sharifah

Haikal and Sharifah, originally uploaded by Arecheese.

I love this picture coz of it's fun 'bubbly' feel~ it's quite a candid photo but i chose this framing position and stuck with it for another pic coz i loved the back bokeh so much :) the post-processing cross process colours are also becoming my favourite way of PP'ing thanks to lightroom :)

cuti cuti cuti~~

ok, now tgh cuti, but banyak gak buat bende but mostly bende yg takde pekdah a.k.a berpoya2 haha!

esainmen banyak neh tapi cm biase ah, buat last munite la kan ;)

study pon tak lagi, haish, doa2kan la aku tak kene repeat tahun ni yeh, amin...

soooo cuti2 nih mmg rajin la bergambar2an! seronok weeee! and i really enjoy taking pics of couples (maybe coz i'm a hopeless romantic) bluweeekkk gile geli haa! but its true la, so i'm gonna post some of the pics i took which are fast becoming my favourite pics, nnti akan diprint and dilekat on my wall really soon ;)