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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

a wandering man

He looked at his worn tennis shoes that barely covered his wiry feet from the chilly breeze of the winter that was edging close by the second. He sat by the cliff, gazing out to the sea, to the horizon that was glowing to the moon's light with tiny ripples. Chuckling, he brought out a cigarette and searched his tethered jacket for a light " Damn fools! who do they think they are? looking down on me like that, just because i'm dirty and old." Two teenagers stopped their jingle abruptly when they saw him in their usual making out spot and cursed bebeath their breaths. "Move f**king beggar, 'tis ere is our spot!" the boy approaches the man as the girl behind lights a smoke and puffs a dragon into the starless night.

The mans spots the girls doings and humbly asks if the girl would be so kind as to light his cigarette. Rudely, the girl spits at his feet "Bugger off!". Smiling, the man nods, turns, and murmurs " as you wish". He walks slowly, as the satisfied teenager sniggers, but the smile turns into a frown as he notices the footprints that aren't there in the soft green grass of the cliff. He looks up from the grass to see the man limping off the cliff down to the dark jagged rocks of the dark blue sea.

*sometimes he feels lost, sometimes he wishes he's lost*

- i dunno where this came from :p -


Kibeth said...


you mean to say you didnt write that?

a bit funneh tho.

atif said...

i dont get it, but i like it. continue with the story!

HRH Fiza said...


Capik! said...

i wrote it but i dunno how it popped into my mind :p

really2 spontaneous .. is that spelled right?

HRH Fiza said...

sambung la cepat.

Capik! said...

hehe, i got an idea and i've wrote the sequel but i'm not satisfied with it at all.. so .. i'll have to rewrite it.. i'm no writer after all :p

HRH Fiza said...

like the new look.

'Umayr SRA said...


Tak paham... No footprints means he's a ghost??

Capik! said...


maybe he is..

maybe he's not..

he's just a wandering man :)