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Thursday, November 1, 2007


This is the view that i had to endure for about 3 days.. and the tv only had three channels, ntv7, 8tv and tv3, thank god it wasn't rtm1 or 2..

so i had my own bathroom which was one of the positive sides of it but no one came to visit me! only my family and then my gurl, but then she visited me when i was in the OT ><; and my sister only visited me as i was about to be discharged .. *sigh* but nvm, did'nt really care, just bored, that's all...
This is my left hand .. note the blood on my hands.. there was a lot more before that, the nurse was kinda preoccupied and forgot to put the yellow lid back on the needle so my blood was like gushing out.. but i forgot to take a picture of the blood, i was too busy thinking bout how i'll die from loss of blood at that time hahaha!

This was on my other hand...

and this. is on my leg now... hurts like hell... even though it's so small....


Anonymous said...

gawd, do you have to post the last picture? ouch. siapa suruh pergi hukm, too far lah dude (no car) >.< I so dont want to undergo a surgery macam ni.

hrh cute.

Beth said...

Scary. Freaky. Traumatizing.

But then. Kesian.

Sorry about the tak melawat thing.

Didn't know pun okay. Heh.