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Friday, December 28, 2007


ok, the results are out and thank GOD! i passed! but i thought i was gonna go to newcastle and make life miserable for frendy but it turned out my future was planned out beyond my expectations.. i got adelaide!!! yippeee and all but i only got to know on my way back to kelantan for the raya haji hols (15 hour drive) and the placement center said the offer was on a first come first serve basis AND ia have to have a passport to accept the offer...

So i spent a day of raya haji in kelantan (probably the last time i see kelantan before going to australia DAMN!!) and i got on a flight in the early hours of friday in hopes that i would arrive on time in KL to do my passport..

Alas, my hopes were shattered when i arrived at the S.Alam imigration center and all the er... (wuts angka giliran in english??) were all finished. sob sob.. i came back from kelantan for nothing!!!!

but now i've done my passport and sent in my acceptance form and i can only hope that i get accepted ><; nvm all the sad stuff!! my mom gave me money to go shopping!!! hehe, so i went and bought 3 long sleeve shirts, but my mom said it wasnt enuf so my mom took me to some jusco branch (dunno where, slept in the car while on the way and back) and bought 3 more long sleeve shirts, a jacket, a full suit blazer and one of those huge suitcases!!!! hehe, this is me in my new blazer!! (Padini)

owh yeah, and another thing, i made a nazar (for those who dont know, its kinda like a promise or a deal that i made with God) my nazar was that if i get to go to australia, i'll cut my hair and fast for three days!! so here it is....

kinda like Mawi hehehheehe....


atif slim said...


*screaming... from HORROR!!!*


Xde ah, xde ah =p

HRH Fiza said...

OMG! now you can wear the snow cap with pride XD. what la you post picture kat sini. tak surprise la
nanti bila hantar lol.

my god you guys are really going.

Irving said...


Firstly I would like to say congratulations on making it to Adelaide-I am so so so proud + happy for your success!!=) I still remember this one time when we were at Longkang and you were telling me how you would so so love to fly and how hard it was....I'm just glad it all worked out for you. I'm sure Adelaide will rock your socks off, and you will do very well there=)

Next, I never thought I would see the day that you lost your hair @.@
And I hate Mawi. But becuase of you, I can accept short hair=p

Again, congrats!!=D

Capik! said...

atif- yeah, i'd run off screamng too if i were u and i saw myself in the mirror :p

pcha- i'm gonna grow it all back anyway, my hair is kinda like fast growing..

irving- damn right! sam was the reason i lost my hair hahahha! haven't been this bald since standard 6! but still envious of u, u get to play with snow!!!!

The Soundaholic said...



SUper CONGRATS!!!!!!!!

:D Weehoo!

I'm so psyched for you...(and myself hahaha) Alhamdulillah!



HRH Fiza said...

you no, i actually meant the suit. but the hair would be a nice surprise too lol

Capik! said...

owh ok.. hehe, nvm, the pic wasn't that clear anyway, u'll see how cool the suit is in real life at the airport hehehe!