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Tuesday, March 11, 2008


OMG!! finally, my house has the luxury of internet! huhu! its been, dunno, about a month without internet at my house so its been kinda boring.. but the timing's quite off, i have a busy week ahead of me hence, no piccys are gonna be uploaded at least until friday evening (moans from my admirers) LOL!


Adieo said...

I want more pics!!!

HRH Fiza said...

elelehh. vain nak mampus la weh. btw boring without internet yeh?
haha I wish I could say the same. So many things have to be done Im seriously looking like Atif's famous face expression (nanti kalau tak mention his name dia ngamuk) @.@

...and it's only the third week of first year gila lah. ni pun mengambil risiko singgah your page okay. hm.

ps: oh, it seems to me that you've met my friend Ringo (or Aliff Adam kot) in Adelaide yeh? (or not?)

hello to Aussie for me!

atif said...


HAHAHAHAHAHA.. hmm hmm okay, Pcha, ESL boleh dapat markah penuh lah camni, citation betul XD

and hey cool gila nama, ringo like the star?

(GEDDIT? XD XD XD RINGO STARR and Ringo the STAR, as in a SUPERstar??? XD XD LOLOLOLOLOL If you don't get it you're probably not familiar with the Beatles kot =p + XD)

Capik! said...

no no atif, if u dnt get it, ur a normal human being, if u do, there's something wrong with your sense of humour...

HRH Fiza said...

of course I no who Ringo Star is dude :D

atif said...



musafir said...

slmt bermain tenet la ye.