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Friday, April 11, 2008

Cinta tak mengenal usia... ???!?!?!?!?!?

This is a story of my quite unfortunate friend, lets just call him with the most common name in malay history = Abu..

abu was at a ktm station minding his own business,

owh wait, let me just give u a background of abu, he's 17 i think at that time, has quite a muscular build, quite handsome, and likes wearing clothes that shows his muscularity.

so as abu was waiting for the train (late as it always is), this guy who looked like sotong came over and asked if he could borrow some money. apparently, the guy was broke or something and had no money to go somewhere...

abu said he only has rm10 so the guy took it. and after that, he sat beside abu and had small conversations with him.. it went something like this...

Guy : G
Abu: A

G: hey, badan awak tough la, awak pegi gym eh?
A:.. cant remember what he said...

G: nnti duit ni cmne saya nak gantikan? awak bagi la alamat kee.. no. telipon ke, leh la saya contact and bayar balek..
A: takyah lah, halal je

G:ok.. umur awak berape?
A: 17..

G:eh! awak nampak cam dah lebih matang, cam 20 lebeyh.. saya 30 lebeyh...
A: owh..

G:takpe.. cinta tak mengenal usia.....
A: ?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!!?!?

hahahhah! the story went something like this, it was a LONG time ago so i cant remember every detail but it was roughly like this... so.... bak kate that guy, cinta tak mengenal usia... kan abir????? hahahahhahha!! LOL!!!!!


enchantress said...

Apahal that guy suddenly rambled on CINTA TAK MENGENAL USIA nieh??

Gay kah apa??

IRRELEVANT lah that 30 sth dude!


Anyhow,yes, Arecheese, I know age doesn't matter in love, but somehow, there subsists that tiny winy feeling of IT'S THERE, and it's in the way, even if it's microscopic, it still exists.

Somehow, i feel that in his eyes, i'm just a teenage girl, without a degree yet, so, why must it be HER?

Yikes, I am ranting away foolishly.

Just ignore the aforesaid.

But anyhow, no matter how ppl ignore the matter of age when love is talked about, i vehemently thinks that age does matter, SOMEHOW.

PS: Gosh it felt nice when i read my name in the post!!!

Capik! said...

Note the part where i said that the guy was kinda "sotong"? that was my way of saying politely that he looked gay, VERY gay hahahha! and... he was hitting on my poor old friend here (abu) hahaha!

I know some people kinda look at it seriously but for me, u shouldnt, i've heard of 40 year old women marrying 20 year old guys and vice versa..

degree? what the heck? u dont need a degree to fall in love! unless ur taking mating psychology or sumthing like that! hahaha! AND, why NOT a teenage girl?

hehe rant all u like girl, sumtimes the comments make my blog more interesting that my actual posts! LOL!

atif said...


link lah balik kat blog dia =.= (yes he wrote a post on this lol)

enchantress said...


I didn't know that 'sotong' meant sissy.


Why NOT a teenage girl?

Dude, okay, listen, wait, now i have to tell you how old is the guy.

Okay, wait.


It's, URGH, you're gonna mock and laugh and be cynical about it.


Capik! said...

Atif: owh yeah!! i forgot about his blog.. dah lame gile tak pegi... its on his friendster blog rite? i'll try to look it up...

Capik! said...

Abir: u didnt know what sotong meant? are u serious??? haha! adoi :p

just tell me! i'm not judgmental! i PROMISE! though i might tease u a lil bit... hahaha! no no, i won't (i'll try my hardest not to) :D

Abir said...


What a way of coaxing ppl to spill out their secrets.


He is 28.


Capik! said...

28? i have a friend who's 17 that has a girlfriend who's 28 ..

does NOT matter babe :D

dont worry bout it! haha!

sarara said...

omg, this post is somewhat disturbing, seriously dude. hehe

Capik! said...

haha! tell me bout it! i've had experience in my life that kinda made me phobic to these kinda things so it's even more disturbing for me when i heard of it first hand from the guy HIMSELF!

Brrrrrr!!! creepy!

Abir said...

Lol~! You know what's funny? Is that now that i have backed out of the head over heels zone, i feel numb about this WHOLE thing.


iqbal hakim said...

i just knew it that i knew this story. hahaha! ok, the whole idea that you want to express, point out via this post is "age doesn't matter" aight?


conta tak mengenal usia, tapi kenal jantan betina