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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

tiket balek!

yeah! tiket balek murah hehe, kinda hectic, a friend called my roommie, and i overheard "tahun ni? balek kot.." and then "220 je??!?!?"
so terus bukak jetstar and there it was, two for the price of one (kinda like buy one free one) so ape lagiii. sambar la cek adek oi!

hehe, ok, nak tido, esok blood pressure assessment, pray for me!


FiSHY@iKe said...

Wah? Already coming back this year ah? Baru brape bulan je kut? ;P Anyway, good luck with your blood pressure measurement thingy, ;)

sarara said...

jetstarr? urm?! sdg cari tix to melbourne nih, hehehe. balik cepat! we go shopping, wheeeeee

Capik! said...

heeheh, rindu m'sia wehhh!!!

hehe, i just bought a jacket that cost me 100aud which kinda like near rm300 ..... ... XD

sarara said...

eiiih! so canla buy me that bag and that purse, wheee :))

Capik! said...

eyt! bag ok, purse tak ckp pape pon!

sarara said...

hehehe, mcm dah lama tak ckp with u, kahkahkah :)

FiSHY@iKe said...

Asal ko hepi, jalan aje! Anyway, aku pun nk kirim barang gak! nak jaket tu gak! :))

Capik! said...

haha! bz giler ah once new term start :( i know u miss me sarah ;D
nak jaket tu ?? thats about RM300 weh! i consider u a REALLY good friend of mine, but even that wont be cut out for a RM300 jacket haha! belanje makan smeday bleh muiz?

sarara said...

nah, i KNOW you miss me, KDK. eii, mahu jgk a 100aud item!

Irving said...


If these people get stuff from you and I get nothing.

Aku kasi talak ah kat ko.

(talak dua je...still boleh rujuk XD)

enchantress said...

Omg, Irving, you seem to know more about this Malay and Islamic stuff than I DO.

*shies away*

Funny guy.

Anyways, Arecheese, it has been quite some time since i left you my most-desirable comment, kan?


I'm not here to ask from you stuff. I hope you get back home in one piece dude.


*sometimes you can take this benevolence as a feign thing i do from time to time to make a friend smile*

atif said...

*tiru Abir*

Me, dude? Me - I want NOTHING from you!!


atif said...

Eh DANG lupa - except for chips >.<

Abir said...

Atif, it takes SINCERITY to pull that off.


Atif, you're in New Zealand, ain't that right?

DUDE, go bungee jump there, i WOULD KILL to be there for a bungee jump!!!

Capik! said...

hahahha! whats with u guys? the comments have too much hidden meaning , and i'm too slow to pick them up! :p
irving! when we get together again, i'll be sure to buy u lunch or a romantic candle light dinner..... kat longkang ahhahaha! nak nak nak?? kite leh layan jus tembikai longkang!! pastu roti milo sorang satu, masyuk!!! u in dude?? tapi cam a bit wierd going to longkang if there's no one left in the ridz kan kan? .. hmmm *thinking*...

Capik! said...

Sarah: tgk org len sarah! takde pon mintak belanje hahahhahhaha! (jgn mare ye, ur still gonna get the bag :D)

Abir: benovalence? feign? atif! irving! tolong translate!!!!!!!!!! tak paham!!!!! ambo ni oghe biaso, tok pehe oghe kecek2 omputih ni! XD

Atif: what kinda chips u want? i'll give u any u want dude! even banana chips! potato chips! nangka chips! durian chips! even computer chips! ... (i know, hambar gile lawak).. X(

sarara said...

okay atif whats with u and chips? if u balek malaysia i'll give u chips okay? i'll spend 50rm on chips for u sbb u mcm obsessed with chips.

to syafik: im unique, and awesome, so shuush!

Abir said...

Benevolence = kindness
Feign = fake


Macam mana anda belajar medicine yang berbuku tebal mengandungi way bombastic English than these two above?



*winks at Atif for the supposedly accused hidden meaning by Arecheese*

Well well, for a moment, i gave it a thought about your candle light dinner by the longkang with Irving.

I feel...it's kinda corny romantic jugak.


BEST LAH! Nak jugak candle light dinner by the longkang!!

Capik! said...

hahahahaha! we only have medical terms la.. terms that u dont even need in real life.. like supine, or whatever crap haha!
and another thing abir, u cant have candle light dinner at The Longkang (sounds like a fancy restaurant when i type it like that LOL!) coz i booked the place just for me and irving hahaha! and atif can join too if he behaves XD

Abir said...


So, it's the brotherly lust? Or love?





Nak join jugak!!

I don't care, I wanna be part of the candle light dinner at The Longkang.

Capik! said...

*speechless after the big laugh :D)

sarara said...

ok im left out. my barain say, dont read, so bila it says read and understand i shall read. tp i mahu join jgk!