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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Yeah!! i finally have the courage and the guts to write about my sydney trip! (finally overcame my greif of ..) hehe, so here goes!

We started off at about 9.pm 12th april, went to a senior's house coz they were gonna send us off to the airport the next morning as we had a 6am flight and i dont think any buses run at 4 am heh :p and arriving there we played scrabble.. ate a late night pizza (one of our seniors kerja htr pizza so dpt la free hehe!) and then i went to the toilet, brushed my teeth and went to bed (i know, too much detail hehe!)

so we took off and i took some AWESOME pictures of the sunrise ABOVE the clouds in the airplane but their gone.... :'(

So we arrived at around 8-9am in sydney and took a bus to rundwick and started walking blindly looking for the malaysian hall..

and we found it in a few minutes and walaaa! we found jannah! i kinda wanted to suprise jannah, go up to the med school and wait for her to finish class or sumthing but apparently we were to noisy outside the malaysian hall, so she came out on her balcony and tersangatlah terkejut nmpk us guys fooling around outside haha! so we went to unsw and took sum pics (unsw is damn beautiful btw)

this here's a pic of us lepak2ing taking pictures..back there is unsw's library.. ><; its like a whole office building... full of books.... adoi!
After unsw, we went to the circular quay (not quweyyy ye frendy??) hahaha! and we took a few photos of the opera house and the harbor bridge at night.. the pics kinda look funny coz we kinda had to alter the exposure of the cameras and al that stuff u know?

the next day we walked around sydney.. and the architecture was magnificent! this here is victoria square..

this is nappy's harbour i think, i cant remember the actual name of it..
this is under the bridge (sgt2 boy band)

then we wen on the ferry which took us from nappy's to the circular quay under the harbour bridge (which was magnificent!) and this is a picture from under it hehe..
then we just went jln2, the guys went to shop whilst i went to apis' house (more of a room really) and lepak2 mkn chicken burger yg sgt2 sedap!!!!!

nxt day, we went to bondi beach!!!!!!!! its a topless beach but there were none coz it was too cold, and that was the reason we went during the autumn, tanak arh tgk topless2 ni, isk, geli geleman aku! (hahahaahhahahahahahahhahhhhahahhah!!!)

banyak gile amek gmbr heheehhe.. i like the one on top, i look like a rock star! cool!!!
and this is in the malaysian hall.... time kiterang nak balek dah...

yep guys, we know thats the malaysian hall... u dont have to point...
and then we went sand boarding! its kinda like snowboarding but on sand, and u only get a flimsy plastic thingy as a sorry excuse for a real board... and this is when it happened... i lost my camera on the way home :(
and this is me with a kinda fake smile... tgh sedih wooooo btw, this is in front of bapak's house

and these two pics are at the gurls house in newcastle after puas mkan bbq hehe!


sarara said...

*applause* capik sudah tidak bersediih :D

HRH Fiza said...

nak buat emoticon muka nangis but tak reti. anyway. shit rindu. not to mention jealous.


atif said...


I'm at a loss for words lol.



Capik! said...

Atif: hehee, jgn risau atif, we're making plans to go to nz... mase duit dah 10k aud hahhahah! takde ah, tgh memikirkan nih, but dont get ur hopes up too high taw!!

Pcha: u miss me? aawwww.. hahahhaha!! bile nak bukak balek blog pcha???? ur humble servants menunggu ni weh!!!

Sarah: sebenarnye sdey gile mase tulis post nih, and quadruply sedeh when browsing photos from my friends camera.. i had a ton of vain pics in my camera... sigh.. u guys would have loved them......

sarara said...

"u guys would have loved them.."? ogosh, have i told u that ur vain? no? well, ur vain, hehe, but since ur all sad and depressed, im going to be nice :))

atif said...


TELL me if you guys do plan to turun tau =D!! And aku tinggal comment kat sini and not on ym so the message is PERMANENT lol XD

Update me if anything tau!!! =D

Capik! said...

Sarah: wut do u mean ur gonna be nice? u just said i'm vain! hahhaha! nvm, ur nt the first to tell me i'm vain, kan pcha??

Abir said...

*gasps to the horror*

THIS is indeed my FIRST time knowing a HORRIBLY vain guy.




*jumps around gaily*

Capik! said...

haahhahhaa! kinda dah lali dgr people saying how vain i am :D

(plus, i'm even more vain when i'm sad or depressed, so thats why i'm so vain now hahahha!)

sarara said...

ur not the first vain guy. thats why i was suprised when my vain radar beeped and pointed to very vain. ahahahaha

Capik! said...

ouch! be nice to me sarah!! LOL!

Abir said...

Be nice to him Sarah.

*stands behind Arecheese, looking at Sarah, and supporting Sarah without him knowing*


Capik! said...

hahahaha! alrite, u girls are bullying me now, i'll get u girls back heheheh *evil grin*

sarara said...

takkannya, sebab saya kan hebat! hahaha. btws capik, i AM nice. i tot u say so ur self. hehehe

Capik! said...

hahah! i'll find a way to get u girls for bullying me hehe! and yes sarah, admittedly, u are nice hehe! :)