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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Slap me

I'm worried... mid-year exams are coming up, and i dont think i've studied enuf to pass.. the problem is, this course pushes u to study every single day, every hour, every minute, day and night.. but i'm not that kind of person... i like to have fun, waste time doing stupid things.. i can't study all the time, that'll drive me bonkers i tell u..

hadoi hadoi hadoi, did i really choose the right course?? ... i like the syllabus and all.. but if only the syllabus was a little bit slower... in the past few months, i've learnt a LOT... CVS, resp system, GIT, a little on the vascular system... adoi.... they make it look all easy and shit in those series.. house looks so cool with his f**ked up attitude.. that guy in scrubs.. CJ is it? hehe, he's a maniac hhehe... grey anatomy... all those good looking people as doctors?? dream on.. hehe (no offence to any other doctors or medical students aite? ) :D

somebody slap me and force me to study laaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!


Abir said...

*grabs a trunk loaded with books and throw it on you with this hidden mighty power i possess*

Listen, don't push yourself too hard. Maybe you could study hard during the day or the weekdays, comes weekends or nights, unwind yourself.


No worries, i'm sure you'll look HOT in your scrubs too.

God must have something GREAT awaiting you at the end of this journey of yours full with impediments.

PS: Abir is WISE tonight.

atif said...

*memberi tamparan tahap kambinggurunpetalalangittujuh (XD)*

hohoho aku pun budak malas belajar. let's see how i do next year ek @.@ @.@

adieo said...

*slaps capik with a penguin* hoho

haha, the funny thing is i just went to visit a doctor here & we began to chat while waiting for my x-ray result...she's an indian about late 40's and got her PHD in India (duh, where else). She started to share her experience of her varsity life...to a shock, its way cooler than mine. She said she used to go to parties and stuff but still managed to get a good grade. Her words of wisdom from her to me (which i'm passing to u rite now) "Study smart, don't study hard" hohohoh....no use spending hours with ur face in a book but dont understand sh** rite? peace out..

sarara said...

aihh, come on boy, dont make me all caps u. hehe. alaaah, u'll do fiine. and hey, jgn dodgy, ur suppose to keep me in this course. hehe.

Capik! said...

Abir and Sarah: even though i've never met u girls, u've been very helpful.. thnx a lot..

Adi and atif: u guys are the best lah.. miss u guys so much... mau balek lepak mamak :'(

sarara said...

u'll regret saying that boy. tunggulah u meet me nanti. i'll be ur worst nightmare, huahuahua. heh. xdelah. ur welcome.

Irving said...

*memberi tamparan tahap kambinggurunpetalalangittujuh (XD)*

HEY!!! Plagiarism!!! XD *cries bloody murder LOL*

But on a more serious note, c'mon Cheese! Ko boleh buat nyer...Hope floats I would say, there is still a chance for you to shine.

In otherwords, boleh lagi Berr C'narre ah XD

aie144 said...

hehe.. jgn la stress.. nak jadi student medic memang byk pengorbanan..

tp mcm aku pernah cakap dulu.. kdg2 tengok ada manusia yg study sungguh2, tp result tak seberapa mana.. dan ada juga yg study takde la teruk mana, dan masih boleh buat benda2 lain.. tapi result sama dgn org yg studi kuat gile tu, malahan kadang2 lagi excellent..

so, apa namanya tu? BERKAT..

so.. kalau rasa tension dgn studies kita, tgk blk hubungan kita dengan NYA.. kadang2 kita tak jaga sgt hubungan atau penggantungan kite dengan DIA..

kalau tak jaga, susah la DIA nak bagi hidayah dan berkat dalam apa yg kita buat...


biase la tu. aku 1st year dulu psycho mcm tu. cuma kena enjoy apa yg ko buat. klu tak enjoy, alamat org letak la bende plg best kat ko pun, tp klu ko tak minat, tak jadi juga...


p/s: nak tanye apa2, buzz le aku.. nak latihan exam pun leh. bgtau aku/Muslim.. insya Allah kitaorg atau Nizam pun leh tlg..

Hakim said...

are cheese!!!!!!!

jika kau fikirkan kau boleh
kau pasti boleh melakukan
jika kau fikirkan ragu2
usahamu tidak menentu

jika kau fikirkan kekalahan
kau hampiri kegagalan
jika kau kfikirkan kemenangan
kau hampiri kejayaan

engkaulah apa kau fikirkan!
terkandung dalam pemikiran!
berfikir boleh melakukan,
fikirkan boleh!

percaya apa kau lakukan!
tabah apa kau usahakan!
bertindak atas kemampuan,

aku tujukan lagu neh khas buat are cheese dan rakan2 yang bakal menghadapi exam.

Allahummayassir, wala tu'assir waj'alna minannajihin, wal fa izin fi kullimtihan, fiddin, fiddunia wal aakhirah.