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Wednesday, May 7, 2008


yeah i cried, so what? guys cant cry? do I care? F**K that!
I'm no Genius,
I'm no Nice Guy,
I'm not Mr.Perfect,

And I'm not even good at being one
So who gives a F**K??!!!??

To All My Friends, This Is Not About U Guys So Don't Worry *Big Grin*


atif said...


apa cerit? @.@

boys can and do cry, and that's a given. i'm not sure what the situation is, but cry if you feel like it bro - i know i would if it has to come to it @.@

jimi guitar said...

woh lek2 dude...u choose d way to let go of emotions man.

sarara said...

hey you, whats wrong ini? its okay lar, ur friends wont judge u, and those who do are not ur friends :) tcre taw. risaw okeh?

enchantress said...

*sits in front of you and watch you cry*

*cries along cos today was a shitty day*

After reading this post, i feel like crying even more?


Hey, no one bloody hell judges anymore, well, not people like us. Those who do, still live in the primitive years, so, they can go screw themselves with their judgments.

Anyways, always look at what life can bring instead of the emptier side of the glass.

I'm sure you could bring more than some other people to the table, so, be optimistic, do not let words break you, sticks and stones may, though.


You know what i mean.

sarara said...

tolong ye, i give a fuck, kamikan kawan kamuh *flashy2 smiile*

tynnie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
tynnie said...

ape ni boy..
mara-mara ni.
crying is not a crime.
its an emotion that u cannot resist. its okay lah!
chill! :)

Beth said...


Hope you're okay now

Capik! said...

ADoi!! hahaa! ok, i feel so embaressed now! never thought people would actually respond! hahaha! i'm ok now guys, yesterday was a frikkin shitty day... and i'm glad i have friends like u guys to push me on :D

U GUYS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!

epul said...

If my hunch is correct, this thing that u r worrying about, should not dampen ur spirit k.....It's tough here....we know it best... but if we come out alive and well, we definitely can be proud of it, aite?

Capik! said...

ye pul, hehe, laen kali dtg ar makan skali ngan kiterang, baru ar aku tak tensyen wooo!

Capik! said...

Atif: DAh chill dah bro.. it's not gonna affect me for long!

Jimi Guitar : mootee kah anda???

Sarah: thanx sarah! good to see that u do give a f**k hehe

Abir: Thnx for the words abir.. hehe! pumped up and ready for the world now :D and u should be more optimistic gak taw!!

Tynnie: boy? haha! lame gile tak dgr name tu ;D thnx tynnie!~~~ lame tak dgr cite :D

Maz: Thnx maz!! ur the best!!

To All: THNX!!!!!!!

Abir said...

I've come to an epiphany that i don't listen to the words in my head.
Kan kan kan?

How pathetic am i?


*heads up*

I guess you're okay now.


Me? Am waiting for next Thursday to come.

The clock is ticking as slow as it could tick, the time is running as slow as it could run...


I am melodramatic.

What the hell. I MISS HIM dah!

Hakim said...


dengan tangisan, hati yang keras bisa menjadi lembut




abang tough will always support abang handsome at the back. in case, you suddenly collapse kan. sape lagi nak angkat. atif?!?!?!?!

Capik! said...

hahhahhah! terima kasih banyak2 abang tough, abang handsome di sini tetap menunggu kedatangan abang tough :D

*termuntah2* ahahhaa!