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Saturday, June 7, 2008

teach me how to write good posts!

hhehee, been looking at my blog from a view of a neutral passerby and it looks like a whiny kid's blog.. complain je keje... so now, mau write interesting stuff! but dont know how... teach me o mighty bloggers!!


Abir said...

"Oh mighty bloggers"

Can i have my thick face on and consider myself one?


I see your previous posts are just fine, not whiny.

Plus, aren't blogs supposed to be for us to whine and stuff?

Relax lah dude.

You still have people reading your posts religiously.


Just be yourself.

sarara said...

i soo agree with abor. tolong lah boy. who cares, its your blog, your space to write what you want. and i never failed to visit your page :) tolong jgn ngade okeng ;p

Anonymous said...

whats up with that sudden change of wind eh?

you actually have a good post what? the post which is mushy-mushy thing? hahahahaha


Mighty Duck said...

I betroth ye with the gift of the pen.

The sheep pen.

May ye colour many books with it.