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Sunday, August 31, 2008


wow... so many things have happened that i wanna write about... the remainder of malam gemilang merdeka, countdown to merdeka last night... and how jealous i am of abir!! hahahah! but nvm, weekends are over and i've got to start studying again.. tak sempat write a proper post :( i'll try to steal some time this Tuesday :D

meanwhile...... happy ramadhan everyone!! dont forget to fast!! no fakin tummy aches or anything alrite?? terawih biar consistent, and jaga mate and mulut and telinga and kelakuan apart from the not eating part hehehe! try to increase amal ibadah in this holy month... take advantage of all the penghasut2 being tied up (xcept for me LOL!) and do good things heheh, start with a smile :D that's what i think is most important, a smile will not only make u happier, it'll make everyone else happy :)


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enchantress said...

WHY...are you jealous of me??? If anyone who's supposed to be jealous is ME of you!! Hahahah! But...about what I DON'T KNOW but I AM JEALOUS.


Happy Ramadhan Arecheese! I just got back from Terawih! You better fast fully, but i don't see why you wouldn't.

BTW. The profile pic is COOL!!