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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Update on Moi~

Didn't realize people would actually ask for updates from my blog :p

So this is it, an update!! yeay!! rejoice!! haha!

I've not been writing much coz i've been feeling downright AWFUL!! my studies are kinda haywire and i've been having MAJOR skin problems..

Firstly on my studies... due to PROCRASTINATION which is probably the best thing ever created by Allah for us students, i've two assignments and one prac report to conjure out of thin air. one assignment is due tomorrow (WTH am i writing this for when I can write my assignment??? LOL!!~~~), one is due this monday and the lab prac report is due tuesday.. to make things worse, i've a meeting this saturday (not complaining about the meeting pon okay, i'm actually looking forward to it, just that, it's gonna take a lil bit of my time heheh, jgn marah ye kak za :D ) so i've got to go into overdrive tonite yeah!!

And about my skin... *sigh* i dunno what happened to it since i came to Aussie.. first there was the eczema.. and then if that wasn't bad enuf, i've been attacked by some kind bacteria or fungus or sumthing.. tried using some cream but didnt go away.. it actually got worse!! now it's all over my body.. i've never seen my body in this state before.. HIDEOUS!!!!!!! merah2 all over!! wwaaaa!! that was one of the reasons why i was so down.. i'm a self-conscious person (kinda), not that much to become a metrosexual but enuf to make myself depressed ><;
Went to the doctor yesterday (Dr. Badrul ... a malay doctor in aussie! yeay!!) hehe, and he had to take a sample of my skin.. how?? imagine this, pinch a little bit of your skin from your forearm, then cut it off.. haaaa that's how he did it... well... he did put some anasthetics before he cut the skin off :p crazy ke nat cut without anesthetics??? so now i'm waiting for the results this monday :D but then he said if the results came back positive, he'll have to prescribe me these certain pills... which is damn expensive.. he said hundreds of dollars!!!!! i dunno if he meant 100+ or like.. 200-300 ... but still, that is a LOT of money.. sigh... goodbye new lens.. goodbye flashgun.. goodbye new esprit shirt.. goodbye gorgeous FCUK jeans... :'(

The last reason why i was so down was coz I was so forgetful as to forget to topup my maxis prepaid!!! and it got cut :( so after hassling my parents (Alhamdulillah my father wasn't in his normal busy period with outsation and all) my Beloved Dad sorted it out, so now i'm waiting for my parcel with kuih raye and baju melayu baru together with my new sim card!! and it's postpaid too! with the same number as before! yeay!!! Love my parents so much :D

After i've finished my assignment, i'll update on the second part of the malaysian carnival, the buka puase at rose park, and buke puase at my house semalm.. owh yeah, and my appointment hairtuh ;)

Thnx for reading this guys (and gurlz) :)


sarara said...

eghh! suka make ppl worry for no reson!

Irving said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, yeah we wanted updates...but that was BEFORE we knew you had skin diseases. Now we're not so sure if we wanna know anymore =p

LOL! =p

enchantress said...

Of course we read surely we wanna noe how you're doing and all cos sometimes silence can lead to negative thoughts and you don't want us thinking that you've morphed into some emo freak with thick eyeliners and listens to sad songs all the time, right??

Enough crapping.

I've to agree with Irving though, skin disease...? Dude....spare us the details, man. It sounds...to me...so wrong and inapt and breaking fast wouldn't be as exciting and appetizing anymore~

Lol...nanti when I'm in Wales, i'm going to post on how miserable my breaking fast sessions will be; bread and tuna and maybe burnt food.


TAKE CARE LAH DUDE. Don't fall ill.

Atif said...

Lek ah bro, these are transient things, they'll pass over =) And tak boleh post your pills from Malaysia ke? It's kind of "@.@" to read about the skin-cutting bit, though @.@ Cam BAPAK WOWEE LOL @.@ I used to imagine that they would only scrape the skin or something for a sample, but cutting out a whole piece makes more sense eh? @.@

But hehehe, heal bebeh, good times will come =) Hogey? Aku terbang gi Adelaide bawak Kiwi kang XD LOL

idzwan_phoenix said...

ahhaha..thanx 4 ur comment..i've been browsing through ur blog..seems like u r having a freaking happy time in aussie..i'll be leaving 4 UK this 21 sept..really cant wait..i'm going to do medicine in newcastle..continue readg my blog..thanx n good luck!!1

Capik! said...

Abir & Irving: fine lah! i sacrifice my time to write and this is what i get? no more posts lah after this huh!

Atif: yeah.. susah a ini macam... wanna pakai all the t-shirts i bought.. tapi takleh.. have to wear boring long-sleeves :(

Idzwan: good luck bro, and i'll keep reading ur blog, dont wurry :D

Irving and Abir again: i was getting into a much happier mood and u guys do this huh, sudah sedeh again! HUUMMMMPH!!!

Irving said...

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA takper takper we still love you, skin disease or not =p

PS - Just kidding man ;) Keep posting - the blogosphere is a much happier place with more people in it =)

Atif said...


If you keep reading this blog (or any other medic students' blogs), I think you'll soon enough get used to it - I think us medic students have a tendency to talk about normally "disgusting" stuff without so much as flinching lol XD I've been known to fascinate over this crusty thing at the end of my finger once, which, umh, the details of I will leave for some other place and some other time XD LOL?

Hehe so lek Capik, at least one guy here couldn't care less about dodgy details =p + =D? (LOL)

Abir said...

Capik, oh man!! Don't fall back into that mood! You know very well we DEAR friends of yours who are freaking CARING didn't mean it THAT WAY~! Why so serious?!


Atif, SAVE the details for the other doctors-to-be or nurses-to-be..I can't even LOOK at my own rashes! Hahaha~!


Yes Capik, keep on blogging. This is the only way I get connected to people from around the globe. Plus, the more the merrier.

Capik! said...

Atif: thanx giler bro, u'r there for me when irving and abir bully me! humphh!! war!! Atif and me vs Abir and irving :D hahahaha!!

Abir: lets see if i forgive u ;D

Abir said...

Eh..EH EH~!
*gelak dengan sesungguhnya*
What's this??
I show much care and THIS is what I get.
Irving, -YOUR- 'friend' tuh.

*stomps out*

Munir said...

oooooo...pandai complain ye skarang...meeting kejap je pon. alasan je tuh...huhuhuhu.

capik..? aku nak panggil kau capik jugak ah...=P

Capik! said...

Abir: hahahha! padan muke abir! tak maw pujuk! :p

Irving: u'r not getting anything special from me tonight ;D

hahahhha! u guys crack me up lah :D

Munir: kejap ke? lame kot :p tapi fun :D capik? nak aku panggil ko mun-mun ke? :p

Abir said...

OMG, dude...

*Brokeback Mountain scenes unfold themselves in mind*

Capik! said...

that's for irving to regret and for u to ponder more on abir :D