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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

First Raya tanpa keluarga

Raya-ing without family sux..
Raya-ing in aussie sux..
Raya-ing with god friends made it a LOT better :)
But still... IT's just not the same..
I miss home.. :'(


Atif said...

Happy thoughts my friend, happy thoughts.

*thinks of food wth*


*thinks of Atif*


Raya di sini pun hambar gak =( But there was lots of eating, which is good.

Chin up my friend!

enchantress said...

Raya kat Wales...hambar jugak..
Maybe cos I've only been here for 2weeks now and suddenly nak celebrate for no apparent reasons...I just went to the mosque in the morning, with thick face on ate up all the Pak Arabs raya delicacies, delicious though! These Pak Arabs are mostly Welsh people. You know how UK has lots of Pak Arabs, right? Anyways, then I went for classes...See, hambar. I tried to put on my happy face and have happy thoughts, but nah...hambar lah. But then HE msged, it all became un-hambar once again.



Happy Raya my dear Bloggie-pals!

Capik! said...

Atif: *thinks of atif* .... *drools...* LOL!!!

Abir: hahahha! paka arabs are everywhere :p takde raya open house kat wales?? hey! menyampah giler dgr the sms part hahhhaha!

enchantress said...

jealous your gf tak msg!

isuzu_aizu said...

salam arecheese :)
selamat hari raye, maaf zahir dan batin. jgn sedih2 di hari raye, u gonna miss hari raya in adelaide when u re back in malaysia :D be happy ok :) heheh

-kak intan-