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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


and for those that pronounced it hukem like it's actually a word, its not, its hospital ukm la ngok! hahahhaahha!

ok ok, My dad ade meeting there with some ortho specialists so i tagged along and when the meeting ended mintak tolong the doctors to look at my eczema. even they said that it was quite bad... but no worries the doctor said, i have eczema too.. so she took me down to her clnic and took out a HUGE syringe thingy (u'd never guess i'm a medic student by the way i talk about these medical stuff lol) and poked it into my hand... twice!!! the first time tak jmpe the vein so had to take it out and do it again.. painful? SANGAT! hahaaha! and she injected 5ml kot of two clear substances which i have no idea what it was.. but about two hours after that my eczema kinda faded away!!! yeay!!! and she also gave me this jelly thingy to apply on my skin, that worked wonders too! so now i'm so effing grateful to the doctors... maybe someday when i'm a doctor, i can do that for someone else... i mean... thats why i became a doctor in the first place aite? hehehee

so now.. with no eczema.. i have my happy go lucky mood back.. looking forward to the futsal outing this thursday!!! lame giler tak maen futsal with the guys~~

apart from that, i went paintballing last saturday i think.. or was it sunday... with adi and co... i sucked.. dayumn!! and the fogging didnt help either! as if i wasnt bad enuf at shooting people.. lol! guess thats one hobby that i wont be investing much on :D

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atif said...

apa cerita weyh korang ni, update2!