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Thursday, March 26, 2009


perghhh.... it's been a tiring first month or so for me here at adelaide.. and here's why..

I ended my holidays in a rush, there were so many things that i had wanted to do before coming back to adelaide and i couldnt get them all done unfortunately, but i did get most of them done.. not to mention my ULTRA-reluctancy to leave my lovely girlfriend and my family again...

So i flew back to australia and landed in perth, picked up by anas whom i had no idea who he was (a friend of a friend) and this just showed how generaous malaysians are, helping people they dont even know!(thanks guys!!) i spent a night at perth with anas, aso, and some other guys.. the next day i went to the airport at 7am (they had classes at 8 so had to send us earlier) and waited for my flight which was supposed to be at 10.30.. waited.. and waited... and waited... the airplane arrived at 11.30 (i've always hated jetstar, they havent even given me the voucher that they promised) so we boarded and finished boarding at 12. we were about to depart when the air conditioning system malfunctioned and we had to wait another half an hour inside an airplane which was air-tight and had no air-conditioning!!!! damn..

Upon arriving peng picked me up (thanks peng!) and sent me to klemzig.. my FORMER house..

Then the hell-ish episode began...

I was supposed to move out of the house in klemzig and move in with a couple of my friends and one of them didnt go home during the holidays so he was supposed to search for a house for us but he ended up moving in with another friend so we had to find a house ourselves, but since we came back to adelaide so near to the start of classes, we had a REALLY slim chance of getting one in such short notice.. we were looking for a house near to the city so that we could cycle to uni but apparently all the real estate property rental people here in aussie are fucking racist faggots... we had firm financial stability at the time of recession, dont smoke, dont drink, dont party and our application were as good as any others but they still gave it to some mofo aussie people who i wish will tear the place down and fucking screw them and make them regret for all the misery they made me suffer..

So after making the conclusion that all these mofo rental agents are fucking racists, we decided to search in the papers for houses were we could meet personally with the landlords, thinking that maybe the landlords wouldnt be racists and at least give us a chance..

So we searched and searched and met very nice landlords and one actually gave us a place but that one was in the middle of nowhere so we had to decline.. some places were so nice and perfect but it's a cruel world and u cant have everything right? so one weekend, after looking at umpteen houses weekends before, we started our weekend routine of buying the advertiser and browsing through houses that were available.. we found one that was quite near to the city and the price was quite considerable.. and the landlord had a funny accent... hurm...

So we went to the house and the landlord was greek, Frank was his name... and he was like the answer to our prayers!! Alhamdulillah!!!! he was so nice!! and he gave us the place straight away! all the other people who wanted to look at the house; he shooed them away! lol! he even took us ot his house to sign the contract and gave us food and drinks! and when we were about to leave our newly signed house, the next door neighbour peeked over the wall

"Hi frank! these boys are going to rent this place ha?"

said a small chinese woman with a really wacky hairdo...

"where u guys from ah? malaysia? ooooo! i'm from malaysia too! u boys like laksa? next time i make some i'll invite u over haa?"

thank u aunty mary... thank you!!!

now its been a week in this new house and we've cleaned the place up considerably, we're ot finished with cleaning yet but we're really happy with the place.. and aunty mary even gave us a carrot cake a few days ago! scrumptious!!!! and hence, this is what has happend to me over the past few weeks... i've been superly depresses but now i can settle down and relax... thanks to everyone that's helped us directly or indirectly... i'll be posting more later on i think :D

till then, cheerios!


Frendy F said...

I just love happy ending!
Hehe, post some pic of your new house~

The Soundaholic said...

Wah penuh drama! Suspense!

Intense betul :P

Hehehe. Glad it turned out ok for you guys :)

adieo said...

wohooo laksa at aussie!

congratz on ur new place dude~
house warming takde?

sarah said...

yay!hey sorry i was sleeping taddie -_-'

iQh said...

great! hilang tension mu. hm... DOTA? XD

nicky said...

haha..bagus2...happy ending~ aunty tu siap nak buat laksa lagi..perghhh..best!

Atif said...


hey hey bagus2, betul2 cakap frendy, i like happy endings =D

Capik! said...

hehehhe thanx guys, yeah it is kinda like a happy ending :)