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Sunday, June 14, 2009

in need of fly paper

nape ape aku bace tak lekat dlm otak? huhuhuhu why why why.. time for sing song! bitch slap me and call me a slut coz i'm putting up another utube video on my blog hehehe.. hermmmm ak letak video ape eh?.....



Abir Abdul Rahim said...

OMG! I YouTube them too every now and then. Hilarious, aight?


Munir said...

nak bitch slap kau jugak....please....=P

~Ana~ said...

this show the funniest!

Atif said...

what the FARK



Frendy F said...

Fly paper my friend, is not effective. Use superglue cap gajah instead!

If its not working, there is always "grinding till exam without sleeping" option~

Capik! said...

Abir: i know! i wish someone could seed their whole seasons... lambat giler nak dload the seasons so i resort to utube when i wanna laugh hehe :D

Munir: awww~ jgn kuat sgt bang~~

Ana: btol2! i LOVE the show!

Atif: *slugs atif out of the field* home run!

Frendy: grinding? that's only acceptable on a dance floor and when it's dark, but i dont mind grinding with u frendy *wink wink* muahahhahahaha!!

Frendy F said...

Lets get it on then!
please, no homo.

Joke aside, "grinding" in my previous comment meant drilling your brain (not literally) with useless med facts which most of it we will not use as a doctor!