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Sunday, July 5, 2009

siot siot siot siot....

punyer ar lame training, aku dah smgt abeh dah, jage fitness and whatever crap..

pagi tadi training with shadow, and tackle dibenarkan... dah lame tak terbang2 tackle orang.. giler best.. tackle2 orang... pastu first time dapat terbang masa dapat tarik baju long.. dah best giler.. after that cam dejavu, same situation, kali ni munir.. sweater die licin skit berbanding baju long.. aku terbang.. tangkap baju die, tah cmne tah... aku dgr bunyi 'pop' ... jari aku sakit... mule2 ingatkan takde bende, tapi cam maken saket, gi la balut jap, pastu tackle omaq plak, maken sakit, pastu lepak tepi je.. balek2, dah bengkak besar giler... patah? or torn ligament? entah la, dah balut, tanak bagi die gerak2... had a fun night playing guitar hero... but my finger still cam always on my mind... damn la.. rase cm nak nanges pon ade... lame giler tak dpt maen tournament rugby.. skali leh lak injured last minute... lantak arh.. maen jer ah, patah pon lantak ar, tahan skit.. esok gi spital, x ray, pastu tgk ar cmne... babi tol ar.. down giler..


BooK said...

Chill bro. You'll be fine.

ihsan_huhu said...

hahaha.. wahahahaha

lek r baru jari..

adieo said...

wow...baek ko check tu, kang pepahal susah lak...

donk said...

tu la, sapa soh gelakkan ak.. haha

The Soundaholic said...

adeh :(

How's the finger situation now?

Anonymous said...


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