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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Akhirnya sempurna

WOW! habes jugak akhirnya malam nostalgia '09! huhuhu! the preparations for it was so tiring i almost died!!! hahahah! hadeh... dah due minggu tido kol 3 pagi.. and the last week of preparation maken teruk, tido kol 4 pagi, 5 pagi, 6 pagi ... maken dekat, maken lambat tido, and grafnye pulak berkadar songsang dgn kerje medic yg ku lakukan hahahahah! damn!!! takpelah, I enjoyed doing all that work and puas hati dengan hasil yg dapat.. although ade silap sana sini, but that happens in life, u dont get what u always want, even though what u want is just the same as what other people want, and even though u want it more than others, some people may get it but u dont, but u dont know how much others want it, so maybe they wanted it more than u do, so that's why they got it but u didnt, so moral of the story?? WANT IT MORE!!! GO CRAZY ON WHAT U WANT!!! lol!! note to self : work harder haha!

Last night's chaotic photo session was CRAZY!!! dah lame tak camwhore hahahah! but I didnt use my camera much, lens tak sesuai, tapi takpe, I'm gonna go photo hunting kat rumah org len after this!!! yeay!!!!!!!!!!! haduih, memang tak supo oghe medic la aku nih wehh hahahaha! sape yg rase cameranye banyak gmbar aku, sile la bgtaw eh? (more than 2 is considered as 'banyak') LOL! wanna grab al the pics!

All in all, i still had fun last night, although it was DAMN tiring...

I'm gonna miss the people graduating this year.. Realy miss them.. suddenly felt like this during the chaotic pics session... *sigh* guess u cant have everything in life ey? guess I'm lucky I still have good friends to keep me company even though maybe a third dah balek after this year... and then.. after that, ramai lagi balek... and the next year.... tinggal aku dan epul and adib and puloh je from this batch???? owh damn..... owh well... this is what getting old feels like i suppose hahahha!


Anonymous said...

ahahahaha.. kate buat medic.. kena la tahankan juge.. lagi lame tunggu, lagi manis x konvo kau nnt? =)

oh and yeah.. go crazy on what u want.. as long as it's possible to gain.. =)

ihsan_huhu said...

hahaha.. gudbai ayie n co. sudah 4 taun kita bersama

Anonymous said...

huhu, kenape cakap bye kat blog org nie? ahahahaha