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Monday, November 9, 2009

what happened today

after weekends at the library and a whole week of swot vac at the library, i trampled through my MEQ's, feeling so insignificant to epul and adib... tak layak sungguh aku amek medic, let's see to what extent can i fool the system.. 4th year? 5th year? 2nd year?????

pegi library nak study after paper MEQ.... tertido kejap, habes stadi RA je... takpe mlm ni stadi lagi...

mase nak makan, kad rosak, takleh swipe, terpakse gune kad org len (tak suke berhutang *down* )

pastu gi bank nak tuka kad baru, die kate nnti die hntar dlm mail, tapi kad yg skrg ni leh gune lagi, pergi la nak cucuk duit memandangkan wallet dah lapar sangat2... *cucuk kad, tunggu duit keluar* "this card has expired" kad tak dikembalikan.. duit? haprak.... damn! cmne aku nak makan due tiga hari nih??? wtf....

bad day? dunno... I whine a lot... I know... I miss classes a lot.. what am i doing to myself? i dunno... dulu mase PMR and SPM senang je... stadi2, exam, A1... dah lame tak merasa dapat A... haish.. cmne la dak2 ni leh ingat smue bende nih? babi ar korang epul and adib, share2 ar neurons tu skit ngan aku!!!!!!! ahhahaahahaha! *down*


xpreSme said...

ak nk whine jugak laaaaaaa~
waaaaa~ susahnyeeee nk menghafalll...

NASY said...

aaahhhhhhh nak jugak nak jugak
susah kot nk igt smua benda~
waaaaa =(

pe2 pon.. all the best in exam... to you and to myself..

nuar said...

camne leh jadi camni.
bdk top sek
pape gudlak!!

Capik! said...

agak2 ar top sek! hahahha! tu set2 justin and fizu ar bro!~ thnks :D

Capik! said...

owh yeah, and, uni and sekolah, sgt laen dowh, masek at skolah, ade syllabus, u know what to study... kat uni (med school aku especially) dierang takde cam list yg tetap! damn~

Irving said...

One at a time bro, steady as she goes.

For what its worth there are two types of students I really admire: engineers and doctors. What they're doing is not easy, and for that you, like them, have my respect :)

The Soundaholic said...

Hey man,

I know this is probably long overdue (duh a month old post!) but don't let things like that get to you. Shit days happen you know, when things just don't go quite right? But then you have good days where things just go smack! Exactly how you want them to be. So be patient, stay strong, stay focused! And I like to think of it this way - don't compare yourself to others. Sure, they may be getting higher scores but screw that. You know who you are where you stand what you want to achieve. Don't let other people bring you down. Don't ever let other people make you feel like you're not worth the person you are.

:) Bethskiboo

Capik! said...

thanks irv and maz~ u guys always know what to say :D