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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Scariest ride of my life~

hey guys! agak lama tak bernukilan kat sini hahaha! soooo boring these holidays are!!! :(

ok, about the title, i actually thought about how I would write this here when i was experiencing it, which is kinda weird coz normally when ur experiencing something thats supposed to be terrifying all u think about is things like ur loved ones or experience shit like ur whole life flashes before ur eyes (i wouldnt want that to happen coz then i wouldnt be able to see where i was going then it would have screwed me up real good!) so yeah.. ?? jaahaha!!

its may not seem much but it was REALLY terrifying for me! my family and I were on our way back from terengganu and we set off quite late coz we were busy eating and stuff and we also had to wait for my brother to finish work coz he was gonna follow us back home. so there we were on the highway at night and as usual, i was dozing in and out consciousness (car rides always make me sleepy, why ah?) and unfortunately, my dad was doing the same too ><; cant say much coz he drove us around terengganu for the whole day so who wouldnt be tired??? plus he just came back from work at ipoh the night before that (he's always working now :( ... ) so it was decided that i would take over for him in the driver's seat.

This happened in some area that i dont recall, it was in the hills, maybe some of u with more superior knowledge of malaysian geography can help me with this, i think its near kuantan, before karak... well, the important thing was it was in the hills, high altitude, at night, big highway, very dark, and it had just rained. so all this combined together resulted in a mist/fog (i can never work out the difference between these two words!) in that area.

So i drove at around 110-120km/h on the highway, up and down the hills and all was fine initially. My family were all sound asleep in the van, owh yeah, I was driving a toyota estima/previa/tarago .. depends on the name specific to the area of the world u'r in. and then there was a sign board saying that the area was prone to heavy fog/mist... (i'll just call it fog for now, correct me if i'm wrong aye?) and on cue, the fog came in.. and boy was the fog THICK! thicker than the skull of one george whose last name will be undisclosed but rhymes with whoosh! hahaha! (W)

at first it was alright, i thought it couldnt last that long right? but damn my ignorance, it went on for another 50km i think (might have been less, u tend to exaggerate when ur experiencing scary stuff lol~) but it wasnt that thick all the way, it was variable but most of it was REALLY thick, so thick i couldnt see the road ahead off me and the high lights made it worse as the light was kinda erm.. whats the english word.. mencapah is the bm word i think... so it was like shining light on a white wall, it was so thick it actually reflected the light back! dayumn~~~ the distance of sight was around 200-300m i think, i couldnt see the street signs till they were damn near and when i did, it was too late to even read them! thats how bad the fog was~

this, along with it being 2 am, and the fact that there were no cars around made it soooo scary! it wasnt the kind of scary when u see something paranormal, it was different. It was like I was all alone in the world, heck, acknowledgement that I was still in the same world would have nice! LOL! it really was scary and out of this world.. SGT2 takot!!! haaha... err.. yeah.. thats it i think :p taa for now!


Idzwan Phoenix said...

finally, a post after a very long time...dun worry bro, i rmmbr the time when my house was robbed n i was taken hostage, all i think about was how I was gonna relate it to my friends....it's the sense of adventure =p...n yeah, i think 'mencapah' in english cud be 'diverged'=p

Adieo said...

hmmm, reminds me of The mist/fog movie, cant really remember either, lol..

Capik! said...

Idzwan: ko kene taken hostage? damn! tu lagi scary dowh! hahahah!

Adi: BETOL!!! aku pon teringat movie tu! (it's The Mist btw) and movie tuh SGT best! mule2 cam bosannn B-rated horror movie, tapi ending die celake gilerrr hahahha!

Anonymous said...

wow.. a big grown boy driving an estima without supervision.. huhu.. all grown up.. ;p

oh btw, how did it end? ok je la, kan?