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Monday, June 14, 2010


Graduation 02, originally uploaded by Arecheese.

I was the photographer for my friend's graduation and i'm supposed to edit and upload her pics but i've only managed three as my new mac doesnt have lightroom and cs3 yet :( I cant afford it so I'm trying to get it from other routes *cough torrent cough* LOL! wish me luck! i dont know when i'll ever get the full set up as i have exams coming up and then I my girlfriend's coming up plus a rugby tournament coming up, perghhh mmg takde mase! holidays pon full!


Khairil Hafizi said...

lawa gamba.. hehe

Capik! said...

thnks bro hehe, mai la pi flickr aku kalo nk tgk yg len2 hehe, ade link kat atas kanan blog akuh :D

sarah said...

Oooh! Looks who's back on blogger! Lol I pun recently strt blogging here blk

Adi Aizuddin said...

u have a mac now??? uuuuuuu envy..

Anonymous said...

oh.. belatednye aku komen.. hee..
terima kasih, acis.. for the effort.. and the result.. =)