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Sunday, October 10, 2010

The end..

Hye guys! sooo, all good things must come to an end i guess.. and however hard it is for me to let go.. i still have to.. but this will be and opportunity for others to feel how i've felt for the past two years..

it's been amazing and i've learnt a lot and I have memories that cant be replaced but i'm moving on to a better me and with that.. i have to say bye bye..

so here's your chance guys...

I'm selling my D80!!! hahahah! u thought this was about the MASCA AGM huh? i'll write about that later ;) right now i desperately want to let go of my D80 body coz i wann upgrade to the nikon D7000!!!!! *drool* so my price is AUD650 and that price is inclusive of a Tamrac velocity 7x!!!! so think about it guys! i've had good times with this camera as u can see from the results here:

so think about it guys! and BUY MY CAMERAAA!!!

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