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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

My New Blog!!!

MUAHAHAHHA!! Finally! i have a proper blog!! My previous one was just a FS blog and i'm quite attached to it but seeing that i'm becoming more of an active blogger and also due to influence from my friends (thanx Maz nd pcha) i thought.. wut the heck?? lets try making a proper blog! heh :p
if anyone wants to take a peep at my old blog... help urself!
well.. lets see.. the lifespan of this blog depends on wether i have time to blog next sem, but i dont expect anyone to really read it so wut the hell? i'll just write .. just in case u knoe??
Seeing that i'm no novelist, u may find my english kinda jumbled up but i think its kinda funky huh?
so heads up peeps!! i'm here to Ramble and ramble i will!!


Anonymous said...

hehe. new blog huh? kinda cool.. continue blogging =) -jaja

Kibeth said...



everybody. welcome syafil to the official blogging commitee.


HRH Fiza said...

wah, my name number 4 jer.
takpe takpe.
saje nak gedik.

Capik! said...

hahahah! hey! they're all in random order lar.. no meaning wutsoeva =)