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Friday, December 22, 2006

This just sux hard...

well.. to start of things, i just wanna "announce" my current medical condition coz i'm really in a bad mood and have to get this of my chest..

i got this sinus thingy condition where my nose is constantly congested coz the inner walls of my nasal cavity is constantly swollen (dunno why) so i have to take these kinda nasal sprays.. every time i take these things its like i'm taking drugs and it feels that way too. i cant live without the sprays!! without em i get really moody and grumpy and i have to breath through my mouth which then lead to me having gas in my stomach which REALLY displeases me.. so basically.. I'm a drug ADDICT!!!

to make things wurse.. its 12 midnight and my nasal spray just ran out.. so thats why i'm really-really pissed off..


HRH Fiza said...

i no how it feels like to have sinus-yuck. had like 4 ke 5 months of so-called flu which ha ha, turnd out to be sinus. kambeng. oh and the nasal thingy. aih. one word: disastrous. have u tried the traditional way? maybe itll do u good.

salina said...

owh, get well soon yeah..=)
maybe u shud have some spare sprays so that next time you won't run out of it again..hihi

atif said...

sing a happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy song... sing a happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy song...

i wonder if there are alternatives... i hate being dependent on something inanimate, fragile and small - like my friggin glasses.

Capik! said...

haha! that goes to show that ur obssessed with being perfect lar atif! not to mention being a obssessed with power .. i maybe have to undergo surgery :(

beth said...

aww poor capik.

surgery mak aih is it that bad??

you know i heard people say sumthing bout mandi air laut masin.

but then i heard another group of people say that once a person did just that and came out of the sea noseless not unlike Voldemort. Oops. I mean he who must not be named.

whoever these people are. these ever anonymous collective.

chilllah. you'll be ok

HRH Fiza said...

noseless? wahaha. and atif! sibuk gune happy bear song! mengapakah evryone yang ade sinus has to undergo surgery? yeeeeeeessssh. i hope im NOT next.

and ill be praying dude.

Capik! said...

hahah! ok.. i wanted a possible treatment and wut did u give me?? i probably have to go get some new nostrils drilled into my face.. i got chronic sinusitis.. muahhaha! then i'll have three nostrils! way cool..