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Friday, December 29, 2006

something and more somethings

just the usual stuff.. boredom, stress, peer pressure..

i'm experiencing normal teen life!! but why do we have to be so dramatic about it? coz we're teens! heh.. seriously, when we grow up, we're gonna look back at all the whining and complaining we did during our teen years and just LAUGH!

i went and played an hour of futsal (more like 40 minutes) with my old buddies..

been a LOONNG time since i saw these guys .. azhar, azri (muke penyangak nih slalu gak ah nampak), say, pau, ohm, sob, fareez, shahrul, amad, as'ad.. and a new friend LEGO .. said a few words to him (hie, i'm syafik) a few words is enuf to call him a friend rite?? hahaha!

but then after we sweated a pool we went to hang at maplei (as usual) .. talk and laugh bout the good old days.. hell yeah.. really fun.. then we talked bout all our friends that were so sweet and innocent when young but somehow.. after a few years, i'm not sure i can recognize them even if we met face to face..

apparently, not everyone shares the same fate..

some are destined to become bookish educational nerds and some are destined to become independent street wise people.. both roads are hard and not all can make it through.

me?? i know i'm destined to become a frikkin bookworm.. a king of nerds.. but then.. wuts gonna happen to our friendship? i've already become distant with a few of my friends who've taken a path slightly different from mine, but i dont want that to happen!! .. man.. i'm a person who's hard to make friends but once i have em, i dont want to lose them but during these teenage periods, we tend to choose our own paths and some will lead us farther apart..

but still.. i hope that i wont lose many friends... if possible.. none at all..

Miss u all my friends.. my bangi friends (skj3, smkj3), my crazy SAS buddies (korang mmg giler nak mampos nd STAY THAT WAY!! hahhah!) and my taylor friends (only been a month but i kinda missed u guys gak ar) ahhaha!


HRH Fiza said...

aww, thats so sweet. but youre not destined to be a nerd. what, all doctors have to be nerds ka? george clooney, dr house arent nerds (yeh i no theyre not real, tapi...)
hm. losing friends, eh? in some way, i think it's actually normal. btol. cause people change. we change. whether we realize it or not. hm. ouch.

Kibeth said...

yars. agreeing with pcha there. its inevitable. people come and go.

and you have to let them go.

and thanks for being there hari tu.

appreciated it. =)

atif said...

apprecaite your friends, treasure them, but remember - friends dont last forever. don't depend on them too much.

HRH Fiza said...

agree with atif~!

atif said...

aku dah ada blog!! woooo

atifita dot wordpress dot com

Capik! said...

hahaha!! yeah, but still, it sucks to lose friends aite? and guys(one guy and 2 girls and an occasional visitor), looks like ur the only friends that read my blog hahha!

Capik! said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kibeth said...

an occasional visitor? wonder who :P

write your blog not cause of other people.

write it for yourself. then the people starts to pour in.

lol. hahahahaha.

Capik! said...

hehe.. herm.. i'm afraid if i write it for myself then others will get so sick of my self-praising that not even u guys are gonna read it anymore hahahah!