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Monday, December 25, 2006

To all Harry Potter fans!

wanna know the title to the last harry potter book??? i got this from the jkrowling website but i dont know if its a teaser or if its true but its from the official website! must be true then... to find out, follow the instructions below..

  1. go to www.jkrowling.com (go to the interactive site)
  2. click on the pink eraser on her desk
  3. click on the doorway in the mirror to see a christmas tree
  4. click on the top half of the door to reveal a wreath
  5. click on the ceiling in the mirror to reveal lights and decorations
  6. click on the spider webs (right of the door) to make them go away
  7. click on the fourth chime on the window from the door, a key will appear, drag the key to the keyhole on the door and release
  8. when the door opens, a package will appear, click on the ribbons to open the package
  9. inside are two cards one with "hangman" written on it, click the other card.
  10. this will reveal a hangman game that u can easily play to reveal the title of the next and last harry potter book!!!

have fun! hehe..


atif said...


Capik! said...

i know.. coz ur really2 penyabar rite aitf?? heh..

HRH Fiza said...

how kambeng is it that the 5th came out when were taking PMR, the 6th came out last year when we took SPM and the 7th will be coming out NEXT YEAR, and were having year 12! pffffffffffffffft. great timing, J. K. Rowling.
(it rhymeeeeeeessssss!)

Capik! said...

hahaha! tuler pasal.. its like she's got sumthing against our batch hahahha! hey.. maybe pcha can be the next rap star :p

HRH Fiza said...

yeh, waddup, dowg?
how bizarre.

bling bling!

atif said...

that was disturbing.