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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

who R u??

now, i'm assuming that the readers are all in the range of 20's (age, not cigarettes) so we've basically lived out about a fourth of our lives on this forsaken earth (assuming that the average lifespan for a normal malaysian now is about 80), but just try to stop and think about your past, have you done something to influence a person or people? was it good or bad influence? have u saved someone's life? what exactly is your contribution to society?

speaking of society, the "teenage" society as i call it is stereotypically (i made this word up :p) divided into many groups.

the main question is.. in which group are you??

1. The jocks

  • Basically, these are people who posess natural talents in sport, even thought they may have never even touched a football before, they can dribble like ronaldinho after an hour of self-practice.
  • athletes were considered as demi-gods in ancient rome and are somewhat considered that way even today. People worship them for they're talents.
2. The nerds

  • these are the people who have nothing better to do than study study and study. They are often associated with goofy and out of fashion clothing with thick-rimmed glasses and books to hug as a replacement of a friend.
  • but not all nerds nowadays follow the "nerd" fashion, some try to blend in thus turning themselves into "neutrals"
3. The punks

  • the ones who creates havoc and rebels against any rules even though the rules are to help them.
  • some say they just want more attention and want to look cool.

4. The neutrals

  • people who just make up the crowd. Stands up as a majority in numbers but not in power.
  • these people may have a talent hidden inside but are too comfortable with their lives that they do no want to risk anything to go further.

5. The loners

  • people in this group are not actually in a group. They are the ones that you usually find walking alone, minding their own business.
    they are prone to experience self-pity and severe depression due to the lack of output in which to express their feelings and also their problems


HRH Fiza said...

I m in my own =p

Kibeth said...

i dunno which part i should be classified in.

part-nerd, part-jock, part-punk, part loner, part-neutral.

and you didnt answer your own question.

atif said...

i dont conform to stereotypes...at least not willingly..LOL

nana doink said...

haha..erm.. i think mine's kinda odd.. cause it's combination of everythin.. which means i'm a weirdo..erk?? lol..

nana doink said...

haha..erm.. i think mine's kinda odd.. cause it's combination of everythin.. which means i'm a weirdo..erk?? lol..

Capik! said...

heh. me? i'm a NERD . nana! being part of everything does not mean ur a wierdo. just means ur an all rounder hehe!

nicky said...

i want to be a nerd too!!!
p/s:for diz year only...

Capik! said...

hahha! how bout when u go to australia to do ur tertiary program nicky??

Keyanna said...

This is great info to know.