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Friday, January 19, 2007

Coke and Mentos?

I was kinda bored one night in my apartment when my roomate called out to me, he wanted to show me a video on youtube.. it thought it was gonna be another stupid video but hell i was wrong!

it was actually a coke and mentos video!! (for thos of u who dont know, go check it out on youtube) .. science sure is fun hehe!

so after watching multiple videos of crazy dudes dat dont have nothing better to do, i decided to try it out myslef.. ingredients for a coke adn mentos geyser :

1. Diet coke
2. Mentos
3. A makeshift funnel

i bought a coke (regular since diet coke doesn't exist in malaysia) and some mentos.. i tried it out with a small bottle of coke just to see it if would actually fizz or something and it actually did! i was quite suprised but quite dissapointed that it only fizzed.. not shoot out like in the videos..

so it thought, maybe coz its just a small botle of coke.. so the next day, i bought a big bottle of coke (1.5L) and tried it out again.. the result??

DISSAPOINTMENT!! it fizzed and fizzed only.. maybe coz there aint any gelatin in the malay mentos and maybe coz i used chilled coke but still the same.. it didnt work!

i checked another website and they said that i had to use warm coke.. and gelatin WAS one of the factors that the coke spurted out of the mouth of the bottle but where can i find mentos with gelatin in malaysia?? so now, i'm gonna try using Salt instead of coke and i'm gonna use warm coke.. i'll do it sometime.. not now.. i'll post a blog when i've done it :D


HRH Fiza said...

oh. so that was it. ha ha. no diet cokes in malaysia? bukan ade kah?

nicky said...

sedapnyer coke..haih...

Capik! said...

nop!! couldnt find any, let me know if u find one hehe! erm coke + mentos = sore throat hahah!

Kibeth said...

lol. the things guys do when theyre bored.


ada laa diet coke. try cold storage parkson. huhu.

Capik! said...

ader eh? aiseh.. parkson? i dont have the time nor the transportation to go to parkson neh.. :p

a k | said...

oit..nih aku ajar ko...air 500ml tuh..letak 3 bijik mentos yang berkecai hancur...letak and tutup terus....pastuh kasik adiah kat member...best giler aku buat camtuh arituh:P