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Sunday, February 4, 2007

True friends

I never thought how happy i was to see the face of one of my best friends one night.... i all started out like this.

It was a saturday morning and i woke up at 8 a.m for god knows why, i was still damn sleepy but something forced me to wake up. waking up early meant i got the privelage to do extra chores *yeay for me* (i'm being sarcastic atif..)

So basically i went and did my chores, got grumpy coz my little bro's kept messing the place up and i had to tidy up after them, watched tv..

in short, i was bored to death!

so i called up my friends, all of them were at college except for adi, but he was at TS, so i took my father's car keys and set out to bangi.

vrroooom... sampai lar ke bangi... (damn.. this post is turning out to be more boring than i thought) arriving in bangi, i realized i didnt know where to go

the places where i used to hang out where already taken by other kids younger than me.
it was if i was a robot, an older model, done with my job at that particular place, i was replaced by a younger version of me.

so after yawning a few times i decided to stop at a mapley that i used to hang out with my friends. Malaysia was at battle with singapore and they were on penalties.
Malaysia lost, pergh, wut a way to end my day haha!

and the most pathetic part of my day was that after seeing malaysia lose, i paid up, went to the car park, got into my car, and stayed in there doing nothing for abou 15minutes!

damn, how can one guy get so bored to the point of just sitting in a car parked on a lonely road??

but suddenly... someone rapped on the passenger side of my car, damn i couldnt believe my eyes! it was ADI! my bro! trust him to come and save me from sheer boredom hahahah!
so we went back to the same mapley i had just ate at, drank a few drinks, then we went home.. i only got to hang out with him for about 15 minutes but it felt so much to me..

really shows how your true friends are always ther for you :D


atif said...

(ya Allah, lama gila aku nak tunggu comment box ni load.. ingatkan rosak)

ooo i love this post (because my name is mentioned)..lol. yea.. i agree. sometimes it takes just one good friend to make a bad day turn good =)

HRH Fiza said...

again, reading this makes me feel old! i thot u said u live in bangi, so why vroooomd sampai bangi summore? wah, thanks to this dude adi, ur post is not so pathetic and boring after all (kidding, but i just want to rub it in yer face :)

Kibeth said...


ape le poyo. you have the car go joli laa ape cite makan balik at the same maple?=P

but yea. good friends are hard to come by, and you have them, appreciate them,(i know its so cliche and lame and poyo but still)


"friends are like clouds. some bring you rain, some shelter you from the sun. some will drift away, some will hang on by." (im not gonna put in sumthing as poyo as every cloud has a silver lining) but erm. make sure youre a good cloud to someone else too. ;)

Kibeth said...
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Capik! said...

muahhha! i usd to live in bangi but then i moved to sumwhere near bangi and i know that no one knows the name of the new small town i live in currently so i wont bother even saying it hahahha! saying that i live in bangi is a lot more easier :p

yeah, true FRIENDS are hard to come across....

nicky said...

huhu..yeah agree with you people..huhu..i kept yawning n yawning laaa...tapi nak comment gak..ahhaha