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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Moody days..

I realy dont know why but everyone is kinda moody and down and really depresed and wurried bout things.. and in someway, its kinda affecting me! dont know how but it really is, maybe coz i'm the sorta guy who's easily influenced by my surroundings (especially friends) .

Its damn irritating!! i wanna laugh and have fun (in spite of my wurries bout my overflowing pile of assignments) coz thats my way of reducing my stress but nobody wants to laugh with me! everytime i laugh i get a feeling of sorrow or sumthing around me .. like an inveisible voice telling me that i shouldnt be laughing.

for instance, lets take a situation in my class last week, kay did this "agnes exercise" routine that was kinda funny and but i think i was the only one laughing!! everyone was like, watching for a second... then they left with faces that said "wat the hell is that guy doing?" come on guys! if it was last year, you all would have at least commented or gave a response......

no, i'm really really down and miserable.. sux man.. pls cheer up everybody.. i cant stand living in a group of friends that are really mopy and sorrow and miserable and depressed.. if i wanted friends like that i would have enlisted myself into an asylum :p


Kibeth said...

hey dude.

do i look sad? mopy? depressed?

i think not... hehe. nolah come on. its just the work load i suppose but dont you feel sad too! youre one of those. party starters? i suppose so cheer up will u.

i know i have!

and you'll know why.


Capik! said...

hahha! GOOD! lets go futsalling this teusday! wednesday is taipusam rite?

HRH Fiza said...

babe, that was a sad post =p hehe. i feel (partially) guilty cause ive been posting melancholic posts! but thats just a way of expressing =) lepak lah, i think its just a stage. well get over it

smile! :) :)

nicky said...

erm...teah.. i think its bcuz of the workload...


Capik! said...

muahahha! takper2 with my new haircut i feel merry already :D

HRH Fiza said...

you look younger heehee.

nana really doink said...

hehe..chill la =)
maybe everyone's trying very hard this year.. uwaa!! the physics experiment test just now was terrible!!i kinda did some exercise yesterday, tot i understand.. but when i got the paper, everything just disappeared!! when i passed up my paper , only i remembered the idea how 2 do it!! it's so pathetic!! erm.. teacher's gonna label me as=> this person is mad, shouldn't be here. =(

Capik! said...

younger? haha! that must mean that i looked older before this ek? :p i hate being old hehe.. erm yeah, the physics test was a total bummer! never thought it would be THAT hard.. do u think he'll give us our results?

Kibeth said...

i hope not.

i'll let him use that for toilet paper.