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Sunday, April 8, 2007

Three weeks ago

ok, now i've got sum time on my hands i'll write wut happened THREE WEEKS ago.. or maybe more than that.. or maybe i'm jus exagerating coz it felt like two weeks hee

The highlight of the week was towards the end, instead of playing futsal on a friday as usual, we were forced to play on a thursday evening coz the courts were all full, so we played from 6-8 i think.. can't remember (shows how long its been since then) haha!

So we played as normal
and then the next day (friday) buntal and adib asked us to join them playing futsal (again) with ther maths lecturer..
being the restless person i am, i decided to just go

first few minutes i got a realy painful muscle strain .. stretch.. or sumthing (haven't learned the right term for it yet) :p but after that was ok.. futsal 2 days in a row.. WOHOOO!!! hehe.

so that night i went out to eat with azfar, shahmi az epul. longkang was packed so we decided to eat at al-nisha (a nearby mamak) .. tried out the naan cheese.. bad idea..

while waiting for the order, shakir (my SAS buddy living in subang) not the icpu one kay.. no offence hehe, called me up and asked me if i wanted to play pantball with him and his collegemates.. Hell Yeah!! i didn't care with whom i played, as long as i have a chance to feel the adrenaline pump of bullet like pellets whizzing through my hair (one did do so literally! ><; )
i gobbled down my naan cheese.. which didn't taste of cheese at all... it was just naan with something sticky inside it... nearly puked due to the high velocity and capacity of naan cheese going into my stomach hahahha!

Paintball was damn fun!! although once, my marker (the gun) got stuck and this guy on the other team got up close and personal with me and gave me two 'lovebites' on my chest muakakakakaka! sounds freaky :p

the guy shot me like hell man!! frikin painful.. the ones on my chest haven't lost their mark till now..

so after shooting guys that their names i didn't even know off (pretty good for a noob hehe!) we went and ate.. and balik and tido!!! though i had some difficulties sleeping since the adrenaline was still rushing through my veins hehehehe.. wow!! thats one or at least the highlight of one week three weeks ago from this week :D

many more incidents occurred the week after hehe..


HRH Fiza said...

ahhh, sometimes i wish imma boy. huhu. kejelesannnn. nak mainnn futsal jugakkkkk.

so anywayyyy. not enough time to write a post, but you managed to play futsal & paintball yehh?? chis.

oh and i dont think well be able to play paintball until after mid year wahaha. sacrifices have to be made, right? riiiiiigght.

Capik! said...

that was three weeks agolah.. and anyway, friday nights are the only times i give myself a break...

Life is so depressing ><;

Kibeth said...


still can have so much fun when we have all this work cramping our lives!!!

tension tension tension!!!

*inhales... exhales..

betul pcha! nak main futsal!!!

HRH Fiza said...

btw nan cheese sedap laa.