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Thursday, June 7, 2007

me again!!!

yeah, us medic kids, we study, we strive, we work our butts off just to get a placing in a university in frikkin australia.. we do the frikkin frikkin hard isat test (i wasted all ur parents tax money) so sorry folks!
and then monash send us an e-mail to say that there are too many applications and that we're not even under CONSIDERATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
we only have a chance to get into the malaysian campus... wtf..
yeah, life is so fun with medicine folks, really enjoying everything, trying to get FULL marks for everything, study till late note, throwing away our precious teenage lives just so that we can be criticised and sued when we become doctors by some obnoxious someone, blaming us for sumthing dat isn't even our fault.
owh yeah, did i mention that we have to strive our butts off to get into university for JUST 6 years? yeah, only 6 years, not to wurry bout nothing.. just 6 years of studying.. that is, if we can even GET into the course, if not, i'll just become a personal doctor, sticking syringes into my own arm :D
sorry for being so self centered hehhehe.......


'Umayr SRA said...

lek dude... relax...

Kibeth said...

ya Allah capik dah 11 kali kot im seeing the same thing.

macam hallucinating.


Capik! said...

hahhaha! tuh ler psl.. bengong tol akuh nih :p sori sori heheh..

HRH Fiza said...

finally, an update !