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Monday, July 9, 2007


well.. evrytinme i write sumthing here, it's always complaints.. and lets another one shall we?? hahah! as usual, sumthing bad happened, newzealand rejected us... but sumhow, although this will affect my futre, i didnt feel sad or dissapointed.. maybe coz ive had so many dissapointments recently (espescially from universities) *sigh* hahahaha! but nvm, i'm still having a good time here in taylors so might as well be gratefull while it lasts aight?


HRH Fiza said...

yeah, good time.
while it lasts.
next year tinggal la seciput je.

Kibeth said...

you forget bout my blog is it capik?


aww c'mon it isnt too bad. some freaking good thing is cming your way (insyaAllah) just wait for it you know?

Capik! said...

yeah, kinda sad when i think of it.. i didnt forget bout all of u guy's blogs.. just dont have time.. seriously.. and my blog has been idle for a LONG time..