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Monday, July 30, 2007


after seeing leh boon's blog i REALLY feel inferior about my blog but seeing as to how lazy i am to update my blog... muakakkakakka! i'm just gonna add sum piccys!

This is mr. hanif.. our Cult Leader hehe..

Us last year with mr.Chin

Us this year.. dozing.. zzzzzzz

we are the men in towels :p

Kay is seeing stars!


clueless said...

dude. jeff here link me lah.

snuffleupagush said...

Cheese yang hensem + macho + bergaya.

Am linking you to my blog, which is snuffleupagush.wordpress.com btw.


Capik! said...

hey hey snuffleupagush! who r u?

Beth said...

kenapa gambar kay semua comel?

er this is not like comment on his face ke ape, its just the whole set up is just bapak hilarious.

Capik! said...

hahahah! dunno...

HRH Fiza said...

hey kamu, this blog is so dead! =( btw, ive noticed that dah jarang gila you commented on mine. or others, as a matter of fact. life's so hectic nowadays, huh? i miss those times where blogs penuh with the luahan perasaans and comments. i guess you just have to deal it when you have doctor friends, huh?