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Tuesday, October 16, 2007


This song is on of the many that inspired me early in the days to try out playing guitars and wel... i fell in love with the guitar.. but sadly my father wont let me play the guitar so.. *sigh* i've always dreamed of rocking it out on stage like adi, jeff and azfar, (just some of the few), not to mention ya, kencang, mamet, mas'ain, musaddiq, udang, mambo and many of my friends...

but looks like this dream is like impossible hahahha!


HRH Fiza said...

syafik + stage + guitar all in one sentence? hmmm. sounds very un-syafik-ish.

shouldve stayed home as well tsk.

Capik! said...

haha! true .. sad but true :p

but the video's nice rite??