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Friday, October 12, 2007

Finals and blogging

damn, how come i stopped blogging before this and suddenly when it's so near to the finals, i start blogging again?? this is all your fault pcha hahahahah!!!!!

i skipped class this morning, woke up at 8.30 and thought that it was way too late for college (even though i had 5 more classes starting from 9am) hahahaha! and my roommate slept like a log too, he woke up at 3pm.. after i woke him up huhu! damn, raye mood kicking in..

i went back home this evening and was like so bored.. it sux to be left alone at home like this, and i noticed that nowadays i've been left alone at home more times than all the years before this.. parents always outstation and going overseas, kinda sux.. so boring at home, and m lil bro's took the ps2 balek kampong so i can't play fifa...

so what did i do?? i went to the mamak stall!!! ate roti planta and drank neslo and nescafe ice even though i wasn't even hungry, then i sat in my car for a good 15 minutes not knowing wut to do.. and this time my best bud adi didn't appear magically (like in my previous posts) heheh, nvm, its a good thing my parents are gonna be back in a few minutes...

owh yeah, enuf with the blabbering, wanna wish slamat hari raye to all who read this (the few that actually do read) hahahha! maaf zahir batin, sorry if i ever made u pissed off (i do that a lot without noticing hehe) so 0-0 eh? hehe, balek kampong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


HRH Fiza said...

it is SO not my fault, kambing. skipped class yeh? and i thought youre the goody two shoes type.i guess not - im nicer!

good thing you had an interview hahahahahaha. so tell me again, siapa yang kay kay?

(i do that a lot without noticing hehe)-- oh yeshhh you doooo.

for a guy, you are kinda sensitive >.<

Adi said...

laaa...sorila capik, aku takde mase ko paling memerlukanku, hehehehe. Patutla ko msg aku tgh mlm ari tu, sorila beb, aku tgh tido..

Capik! said...

ur the kay kay one pcha!hehe, yeah i know i pissed u off pcha, maaf zahir batin eh? i knew it was my fault but i didnt know what i did wrong back then :p

huhu! lek ar adi, jom gi beraye umah say and azpa and azhar and pau and tas and erm.. sesaper lagik yang dah balik bangi jom!