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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Funny stuff!

ok, i'm now gonna randomly pick out some good jokes i watched on the telly (something i'm doing quite frequently now) heheh

Spongebob Squarepants

Patrick and spongebob are looking for squidward and patrick goes to a fire hydrant
Patrick: Are u squidward?
Fire Hydrant: .......
Patrick: it's ok, don't be shy....

Patrick then goes to another random guy

Patrick: Are U squidward??
Random Guy: No
...... *a moment of silence* .......
Patrick: Are u Squidward now?

ROTFL muahahah!!!

And this is a joke that was on hot shots part deux, a film that i watched like a dozen times but i just understood this joke like.. a yesterday hehe...

These people were at a priest at thailand full of monks but one of the visitors was a hot lady, so the other visitor told her..

Visitor A to Lady: u shouldnt be here, these men have sworn themselves to celibacy like their fathers and their fathers before them...

hehe see if u understand that one.. it took me YEARS :p kinda shows my level of erm... dunno :p


The Soundaholic said...


So what? I got the joke so I'm suppose to have erm.. "higher level of intelligence"??

AHHAHAHA kidding dol.


'Umayr SRA said...

like their fathers and their fathers before them... hahahhaha!!

Capik! said...

haha! yeah, and probably a higher level of vocab than me, i only knew what celibacy was this year at the ripe age of 19! haha!

'Umayr! how was your wedding?? hehe!

'Umayr SRA said...

My wedding? It was fine weih... You coming here JB? :D

atif said...

Sayang Spongebob + Patrick - 1/2 x Squidward

*peluk sinki*