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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

MARA .. grrrrrr...

call me ungrateful or unthankful or whatever u want but i'm still pissed off at mara.

My Coe hasnt arrived yet so my father called adelaide university but then the university said that they're still awaiting a letter from mara but then i asked mara and they dont know anything bout it so then i asked them for the letter (financial statement) and cik fazlin then told me to go all the way to the mara building to retrieve it.

I asked if MARA can send it to adelaide for me, and then she said, if u want us to send it, u'll have to wait a week! and she said if i want it to be quick, come get it urself and send it myself...... aiuhf asdhfoa cmhfuamvfasdfcjladcfhaoshfohr29364n2645vn257#($(@$&%*$#&%(#*$)!@&$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Soundaholic said...

Memang MARA bengong.

Serious shit tak tahan arrr with the way they run things.

Our flight tak boooooook lagi dol!

okay I am pissed too... Ranting again.

Waduh. Patut bukak forum... but then nanti ada ISA datang and bust my ass :P

atif slim said...

hey cam bodo je seyh >.< chill2 >.< jgn buat hal ngan auckland dah ah

atif slim said...

japjap just thought of something: cuba mintak placement centre liaise on your behalf - tu bukan their responsibility ke, as our agent? kalau placement centre yang bug diorang mungkin mara gerak sikit kot

The Soundaholic said...

Operative word : mungkin


Capik! said...

haha! at last.. i got my coe... but now kene amek surat akujanji lak ><