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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

oi oi all bloggers!

asl smue blog cam dah snyap? even irvings and atifs!! never thought i'd find myself saying that....


HRH Fiza said...

I beg to oppose!! XD
have you not been reading mine? lol.
everyones busy except me.

Capik! said...

ok ok, ur the only one yang byk update...

atif slim said...

what much is there to blog about nowadays lol, aku pun main tembak2 je tulis random2 bila rajin. tho possibly lepas ni there should be one post up ranting about my lack of REST SINCE DECEMBER because tak habis2 kena naik bloody kl =.= =.= =.= i'm starting to hate pudu lol (eh, sebenarnya dah benci dah =p + XD)

coincidentally tho baru update @.@

Irving said...


Aku dah start sekolah balik lah bhai.

The University of Ottawa hasn't been overly kind to us either. But rest assured, I will be back, VERY SOON=)