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Friday, February 1, 2008

penat wooo!

perghh.. 2 minggu dok merantau, penat giler! i've never felt the meaning of "home sweet home" like this before.

it all started a week ago when i started doing my visa, had to go running around subang to go to talors college, do my medical checkup, and go to the mara building to pick up agreement papers around 5cm thick, and i AM NOT EXAGGERATING!!! then, the gruesome process of filling up the papers and photocopying and validating documents and going to a pesuruhjaya sumpah for the first time in my life...

then, me and my family went to thailand, and i'll descrive thailand with jst one word --->


i'll talk more on that when i have more energy...

then, i came back on sunday night, finished up some more papers, and went to sleep, the following day, at 6.45 am, i was already on the commuter to the mara building, after the briefings which ended at 4.30, us mara taylors students whom have not yet gone to the btn camp had to do so.. so that was another 5 days, and now, i'm at home.. and i still have to go to the mara building once again on monday.... *sigh*


HRH Fiza said...

one word: hoho.

Irving Tan said...

WOI!!! Asal senyap je nih!!!

This is the time when you're supposed to MELALAK your head off!!!

We all wanna know all about Adelaide!!!=D =D