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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Watch these videos!!!

seriously, theyre like, so f-ing funny (u'll understand why i used f-ing l8er)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


The Soundaholic said...



Gila bengong.

Takde kerja arr tu, got sucked into youtube huh?


Irving said...

Hey Acis.

This is a response to your question on my blog. Ok, my old phone number is currently in use by my brother-I did not bring it to Canada to make occasional calls back home as Digi does not roam there (mangkuk nyer jin kuning -.-).

I do not have a phone number as of yet in Canada, the main reason being to see how things turn out first without a phone...experiment ended-GET A PHONE ASAP AS SOON AS YOU GET THERE!!!! @.@ @.@

Seriously, it is a necessity, not a random fancy. I highly recommend you get one.

Okay, I do not know how it is in Australia, but the Canadian phone plans can get really good. Apparently they run by minutes (at least they do here la..) and there are preset times as to which you can actually call for free and stuff like that. Apa2 I suggest you get in touch with seniors or any other Aussie people for a clearer picture...just two pieces of advice from me-first one is get a calling plan with a phone.

The second one?

Mat sallehs call these gadgets CELL phones, or MOBILE phones...

Handphone is a word invented by Malaysians ;)

So be politically correct kolego=)

afiqah said...

I know this might come in quite a bit too late but...

nak tulis jugak

that was totally freakin f**kin funny, hillarious, whatever word u can think of!! and what with that ghostly stares..haha

btw i don't think u know me, juz some random blog hoppers accidentally stop by yours through irving's