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Friday, March 21, 2008


no frendy, its not when u turn up the heater to warm up the house hehehe!!

its kinda like when u move into a new house, u ajak2 people to come and makan2 (omg, rojak giler....) just to let people know where u live and to tighten ukhuwah between brothers (cheehhh.. sejak bile aku alim ni hehehhe!)

we had it today and we planned to serve nasi lemak, spaghetto, and pudding, so, cooking the nasi lemak went well, and may i say, maybe due to the long time span since i had my last nasi lemak, the nase lemak was DAMN GOOD!!! but compliments to the chef as well as it really was good. not like the nasi lemak that have sambal that'll blow ur teeth out.. and the pudding was supposed to be nice too, supposed coz i never got a chance to eat some :'( sedeh giler!!

then came the spaghetti... i got the recipe from nik (thanx nik!) and a day before (yesterday) we went to the central market to buy all the ingredients.. but then when the time came to put in the tomato puree (its like one of the most essential ingredient) i realised that we kinda forgot to buy it... its the easter hols and a LOT of the shops were closed so we called up this certain grocery store and Alhamdulilla it was open! so we went and bought it there and popped it into the periuk and went off to our friday prayers..

after we came back, i continued with the cooking, added some water to kinda make it increase in the overall volume coz we were worried that it wasnt gonna be enuf for evryone, but then it only made the sauce really2 diluted and kinda tak best
the taste was ok, it was just that it was kinda like soup instead of sauce, paham?

hehe, but we were like, takper ah, then the girls came, (i was at the kitchen all the time when they came) and went back, then, the seniors came!!!!

we kinda didnt have all the phone numbers of the seniors so we only contacted those who we could but then, it seems that word spreads quickly among malaysian students when it has sumthing to do with free food hahahaha!! so we wee expecting 50 people, and about.... er... dunno.. 80 kot yg dtg... ramai giler!!!!!!!!!

our house was liked, packed giler, and some actually had to sit outside in their cars.. (sorry guys!) and the food was another problem, the food was dissapearing at an unbelievable pace!!! and soon, it was all over, so began the frantic dash to cook more food hahahaha! so some of our guests had to kinda wait 15 more minutes to eat so it was kinda embarrassing but it was all good in the end, i really enjoyed having every one over to eat and hang out and stuff... kinda made me smile all day, until i saw the heaps of dishes that we had to wash ><;

but overall, a successful housewarming session!! and plus, tomorrow, we have the sports day!! yeay!!! cant wait!


Anonymous said...

Housewarming is an awesome idea. =D

Well done!

HRH Fiza said...

testing? testing.

boleh la tu.
(oh kau tak alim eh? hehehuhu)

lah spagetthi pun tatau? lol. senang gila weh. but I get the "soup" part, memang tak best.

tahu tak I had to wait for 2 hours just to open this stupid uq website because the internet was stupid slow? yeah that explains why Im cranky.

ah well.

anyway, tahniah!

adieo said...

alaaa capik, gambar2 takde ke? nk tgk...