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Wednesday, March 12, 2008


what a week! this week isn't over yet but i'm just praying like sumone who prays a lot for it to end! monday went by with nothing going on, we had a public holiday coz there was sumkind of horse race at the adelaide race track or sumthing.. (these aussies really like lagha' things...) hehe..

on tuesday, we (me, adib and epul) found out that we just made a fool out of ourselves by misinterpreting the appointment dates of our blood tests that was compulsory for all med students (even though we had certified ones good enough for the very fussy Aussie Embassy!!), but nvm, we had some glimpse of light to make the week a lil bit better when we went to pick up our modem at the adelaide airport (the depot's there if ur wondering why the heck would a modem be doing at an internetional airport), but then we went back home and realised that none of us actually knew how to configure a wireless modem router manually... damn....

so after a few hours of frustration and agony, we finally got it going! *my admirers going whhoooppp!!* haha! so i went online and had this tsunami of fan letters waiting for me.. *sigh, its so hard to be so good looking...* :D

and at 11.30, (after finishing off my 200th reply to a fan) i finally realised that i kinda have a lot o bio homework to do on lectures that i slept throughout and had no idea on what it's contents were... damn for the second time...

this resulted in me sleeping at 1.30++ which is very late here coz u normally get REALLY sleepy after 10... dunno why... maybe the aussies put drugs into the water.. owh yeah, another cool thing is that we dont have to boil our water prior to drinking, its straight from the tap baby!! hehe..

so this is like a random blabbering after a long time of non-blogging to get things of my chest and i have a lot more but then i'll bore u to death with my drill of insipidities hehe...

owh yeah, nak ckp.. tensyen dowh dok sini!!!!!! and it has sumthing to do with a certain housemate of mine that keeps getting on my nerves.. why do we always meet people like this? they're the kinda people u just wanna kick and slap and blow their heads off with a sawed off double barrel shotgun!!! .. u get the idea rite guys?

and another note to add to my VERY random organized post... noticed that quite a few new bloggers have mushroomed from our SAMMARA0607 family, nice! me likey! heheh.. ajak la reramai lagik, leh buat a group of blogs.. best!!

i added the piccys to kinda keep u guys interested in the post, so as to not make u hurl with boredom hehe..

Me and epul ngan senior (aie and paku) makan kat marconi's halal pizza.. (adib amek gambar)


HRH Fiza said...

You're so vain
You probably think this song is about you
You're so vain
I bet you think this song is about you dont you dont you?!


atif said...

muahaha knowing you the problematic housemate tuh mesti gila problematic @.@ pape pun lek2 je lah dude, baru berkenalan, sabar2 je k? =D more pictures, more pictureesssss!!!!

atif said...

and hey sape seyh yang bukak blog selain the peeps yang dah ALREADY ada blog?! @.@ aku tau bibi sorang je baru start blogging, no one else leh? @.@

Anonymous said...

finally, an entry!


Anonymous said...

Have to agree with that housemate part, admittedly memang big pain in the ass klu ade housemate cam tu.

Patience and prayer -> those are our ultimate weapons (besides rage and annoyance), i guess.