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Thursday, April 3, 2008

wasting time

i've not finished my homework but heck, who cares? the weekends are gonna suck i tell u..
i have to go to this first aid workshop coz the uni told me to so that's gonna take up the whole of my weekend, saturday and sunday, 8 - 5, and after that, nxt week, i have to send in 6 reflections for my mppd portfoilio (Medical professional and personal development) which is a load of bull...

hehe, my hyperactiveness is kinda dying down tonight, maybe coz i haven't had THAT much chocolate today, and i only drank coffee this morning, yesterday i drank half a cup of coffee in the morning and another half in the evening.. so the coffee + the chocs must have triggered a 12 hour (almost) hyperactiveness hehe, now i'm back to being the whining grumpy teenager that i am hahaha!

I cant wait for the 13th to come by!!! i'm going to sydney baby!! gonna meet buntal, buncis, apiz, jannah, then there's the newcastle kids yg terlalu rmai (mls nak tulis smue) hehehe! so i'll just stop this rambling and eat a lil choclate bar before i go to sleep :D


enchantress said...

"...whining grumpy teenager"

I think everyone our age is. Lol~!

Chocs and coffee = Hyperactiveness.

That would be your diagnose?

You're undergoing medicine kan?

Best nyer, you can SO be in the Grey's Anatomy world. Just don't go sleep around with your attendings.


HRH Fiza said...

oh yes you are grumpy. lol

atif said...

i miss you guys seyh. send my warmest regards and salams =')


Capik! said...

abir: LOL, caffeine does induce hyperactiveness u know? ( i did a research paper on it back in taylors, ingt ak pcha? the one where i showed u guys the video of stupid guys dancing LOL) and chocolate triggers the release of endorphins (a hormone that make u happy), so thats why i'm hyper happy :D haha!

this is what a typical medic student would write....

my response isss...... i dont have a clue... hahahahah!!! i just like the natural high :D

Capik! said...

and.... greys anatomy was whut made me wanna be a doctor!!! wanna be like that guy yang rmpas the isteri of that other guy that's sleeping with meredith.. (cant remember the guy's name) hahahah! i'm gonna steal all the other doctor's wives!!!!

Capik! said...

Pcha: I'm not THAT grumpy rite? and not all the time rite?? or am I?? am I pcha??

Capik! said...

Atif: we miss u too dude hehe, nnti dah byk duit kiterang gi ah melawat nz lak :D

Abir said...


You wanna be like Dr McSteamy??

Mark SLOAN??

Hot hot hot.

I have your back on this one.


Capik! said...

is Mark mcsteamy? whats the nickname of that other guy? the one sleeping with meredith? mcdreamy is it? hehe, which one's better? mcsteamy or mcdreamy?? i'm too burly to become a mcdreamy me thinks :p

Abir said...

You should become McDreamy, he's MORE composed, if you get what i mean.

McSteamy is hot too, but he's area of expertise isn't THAT intriguing; plastic surgery. It's too common.

You should become McDreamy, neurologist, that is HAWTTTTTT.

Dude, Nip Tuck makes me hate plastic surgeons!

Capik! said...

haha! sumtimes even doctors think lowly of plastic surgeons u know..

but neurology is soooooo hard! i'll leave that to the geniuses.. how bout i start of small.. who's that guy? yg pendek2, chubby, geeky skit, ske meredith?

then i'll try making my way up the "hot doctors" ladder LOL!

enchantress said...

You mean George?
George O'malley?


That pendek2, chubby, geeky sit, ske meredith; HE NAILED A HOT ORTHOPEDIATRICIAN, okay??

Is that spelled correctly?


I think everyone has to start from scratch, before becoming somebody big and hot.

And plus, for guys, life starts at 40, no?

Climb the ladder, let it blossom beautifully, NOT radically.

Live life.


Capik! said...

hehe, nice words abir.. nice words...

why does life have to start at 40?

Abir said...

Cos that's when ppl like George Clooney got noticed.

By then, you will have loads of money and the charm and the career.


Just don't grow a protruding belly.

Capik! said...

LOL! adoi, charm i can build, money?? that's gonna be a hard bit to work on.. have to stop wasting it on needless things.. thinking of buying a guitar... isk.. see??

waste lol!

and i'll try not to increase this ever growing belly of mine :p

but then, when does life start for women?

Abir said...

THAT i have ALWAYS wanted to know, am coveting for an answer! So that i can prepare for the better ;p

Maybe NOW?

If it's NOW, dude, i have NO life!

No degree...no nth. Just a small sum of monthly paycheck that goes to waste as well.

Anyways, CHARM you can build??


Charm comes naturally, you have that??


And, i think you'll make the big bucks once you've become a surgeon, right?

Guitar, is cool. Acoustic music is SOOTHING.