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Friday, April 4, 2008

advice please!

ok, i need advice, i'm in a situation where i have someone who irritates me SSSOOOOOOOO much!!! and is so annoying and has no manners and is sooooo inconsiderate and selfish and I sooooo wanna go back to the primitive ages and club him on the head and stuff him into a cave where the vultures will eat his remains and rats gnaw and burrow into his body and nest in there and have little cute babies...

ok, so that's enuf of that guy, what i wann know is, how do i make him change? i'm especially counting on u girls to give advice on this thingymajig coz its kinda like a communication/relationship thing.. and girls are kinda better at this hehhe...


FakuLito said...

herm.. kami mengalukan kedatangan anda ke wilayah Broadview kalau ada kelapangan n kelaparan.

Capik! said...

ceh, ade ape? tak ajak pooonnnn.... takpe la.. kiterang kan klemzig.... di anak tirikan.... takde kete.. tk cm orang tuuu.. ade kete baruuuu!! hahaha! cpat ar balek msia paku, aku nak kete ko :p

Abir said...

You can't CHANGE your boy-friend, it takes his GIRLFRIEND to do that, sth like One Tree Hill where Haylie changes the once notorious Nathan, and yes, i do believe in tv series when it comes to teenage problems or love problems, they are just an eye opener, you know?

Well, as a friend, if you're his best bud, you can sit down and talk this out, and sort it.

You are SO mean about going back to the primitive years, it seems CALLOUS of you to even THINK of that of your friend~!

Truthfully, at this age, it's hard to shake bad manners out of someone, unless, as the aforementioned, the person he loves wants him to change, then he MIGHT do it.

All you have to do, if you wanna stay being his friend for the sake of friendship, then put up with him. If not, like what i said in my post, BLOCK AND DELETE ALL HIS CONTACTS, DO NOT MEET HIM, DON'T DODGE (cos then you'll see more of him), JUST IGNORE.


Panjang lah pulak my preaching.

Anonymous said...

(he's not actually a friend..they had to be friends because of consequences).

If I were you I'd just ignore him when I have the chance to, ie 24/7. obvious? I tak kisah (yes I do do that intentionally).

and hey, you're one of the very few people I no who don't judge people, so if anyone can do it, it's you.

Capik! said...

lol! sorry bout the brutal images abir (we men have too much testosterone ><)but this guy isn't even my friend, just someone i have to put up with everyday, day and night, imagine having a work partner that u have to work with where his actions have consequences on ur's and ur work partner has UNBELIEVABLY bad manners..

i think he can change, coz me and my friends pernah kinda tegur die bout some of his manners, but after a while, he went back to his old demeanours and now, when i tegur him, he just makes excuses and ignores me, adoooiii..

and believe me, for a man, nak tegur a someone that u dont like, and doing it so kindly, is VERY hard lol!

thanx for the advice abir, and anonymous.. whoever u are.. ?? hehe

i'll try ignoring him the best i can :D

u girls ROCK!

sarara said...

u cant change anyone, trust me, even a girl friend trying to change the guy pun agak susah, unless he's like a living angel.

ignoring is the simple way out, but since you have to put up with him everyday, be professional about it i guess? as in, no little friendly chit chats, just talk when you really need to.

i mean he's not even a friend right? so just, treat him as a stranger and dont put up with him. im not sure im making sense *confused*

Capik! said...

hahahha! u'r makingm e confused ><; but i think i get what u mean, try to just not have anything to do with him cmtuh eh? hehe, thnx!~