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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Reminisince (Special post for my Special One)

Age: 12
at the peak of primary school, 6 Bakawali if i'm not mistaken, that was where i first met her, it seems strange though, as a lot of my memories from before secondary school are very vague and if i wrote a novel on them, it'll be a thousand page book with 5 pages of written detail..

Age: 13
I think this is when i actually started to live my life. I started as a nerd (still am btw). SOOO immature! when i think back of all the stuff that i did at this time, i cringe. ><;
but that was when the fun stuff started to happen. i actually made friends with people of significance. school was merely a playground for me, a place to laugh with my friends. but with time, something else pulled me to school other than my friends. She sat in front of the class and i sat at the back. she didnt even realize i existed (adoi). by now, the readers must be thinking "owh damn, a mushy mushy post... boring!!!" hahaha! what the hell, dont care.. :)
I kinda made a really stupid decision when i told my friends of my crush.. and it was merely that, a crush. and my friends, being immature as they are, called her up for me, what the hell was i supposed to say? she didnt even know me! and my friends were all telling me to confess! wtf? of course, she said no.. hahahha!

so I was rejected, who cares? i still contacted her, talked to her on the phone about... dunno, once a week kot. She was still in my class but i've never even spoken to her. by this time, nearly the whole class new of my crush thanks to the imbeciles i call as friends :D
but it was alright. this was actually my year of rebel-hood, did things i never new i would in this year, kinda boosted my confidence.

PMR.. dang.. it sucked, i hated studying...
my crush was kinda growing from being merely a crush to something else. It kinda felt like i was on drugs. u can try to stop, but it never really goes away u know? its always there in the back of ur mind, so u have to go back to feel that euphoria. that tingling sensation. that warmthness inside when u laugh at each other's jokes.
and in the midst of it all, i made a fool out of my self yet again.
Confession episode 2 ... such a tragic episode ><;

Age: 16
i got a letter from SBP thingymagicka.. offer to go to a boarding school. and i made up my mind on going there. and thought, what the heck, lets try again. i'm leaving anyway, so no harm there right?
Confession episode 3 ... What loser I am... XD

Age: 16 .. again...
Wednesday nights. I'd go from dorm to dorm seeking change from anyone who could spare some of their collection. then i'd go down to the phone booth downstairs where i'd be glued to the pone for quite some time.. depends really on the topic we were talking about... and one finds out that after using so many coins in one go on a public phone, never put down the erm. whatchamacallit on the phone.. as in, the phone, dont put it back on the booth.. if u get what i mean, i dont really know what its called hehe.. i made that mistake once, and the noise was frikkinly thunderous, it sounded like i had just won the jackpot on the slots in vegas hahahhaha!!!
But at that time, i was kinda tired and demolarised after 3 rejections... heck most would have stopped after 1! and looking back, i must have looked damn desperate to confess 3 times..
and i said to myself, all or nothing..
Confession number 4!
but this time, she said, i'll think about it...
and a few days later.. she actualy said YES!
haha! still remember that time. i was in the car and I actually hit my head on the ceiling when she said that....

Age: 19
I'm well and happy, cant ask for more really (if i overlook the suicidal medicine course thingy). I've been with her for... 3 years.. going on to 4. we've had our ups and downs, our little quarrels, our big fights, but it all ended well.. she really is like a drug to me. cant get enuf of her u know? i know it sounds cheesy, heck, this whole post is cheesy! as if sumone would wanna know about my private life right? but this is my first time, so this post is kinda exclusive, one in a million, my love story (although i'm not a good writer :p )
it just helps me to look back on what we've been through, makes me feel happy. and the fact that we're still strong together makes me even more happier.. so my advice to anyone out there facing trouble with their love life, just keep ur head down and work on it, never back down..

And if ur not my girlfriend, u may want to stop reading this post now, it'll get very mushy ;)

I know i've done many wrongs but being with u through all the ups and downs has made my life worth living. we've been together for so many years and i know we'll be together for many years to come. so on this special day, from the deepest, truest part of my heart, i just wanna say that I loved u, I love u, and I'll love u till the day i die. So thank you for everything and may we fight to stay together no matter what happens :)

Happy Birthday Honey :D


anem said...


This is SO DAMN SWEET. >.< >.< >.<

So tempted to leave a comment, to say that, that girl is a very lucky one. ;-)

Like what I always told my friends,
"Falling in love is easy, staying in love is what counts". xP

sarara said...

not a good writer my asss.

i soo agre with aneem. ahai, so damn sweet lah you. very cheesy as well. but no worries. cheesy are good :D

to her: if you're reading this, you are a very lucky girl. he's a great guy :)

Abir said...


I wish, I wish, that one day when I am finally with HIM, i could come up with such post, heck, SWEEETER than yours.


sarara said...

nah, i doubt anyone could beat his cheesy ness, haha

Capik! said...

oi! LOL! *eating macaroni and cheese* ... random fact....

adieo said...

*terharu* ishk2

zalikhaanas said...

major big fucking fat awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww k.

and eventho we werent close back then,i pon tau about ur crush story tu k,thanks to nadia najwa and ruhil hayati.good ol times lah,love :)

Hakim said...

this is your other side that i've never known? tsk...

all this whilke i see you as a dota counterpart/rival. somehow, you prove me wrong...

kawin lah wei!~~~~~ hehehehehehe.... nak makan nasi minyak member2 neh....

*look at the sky*

i wonder, who is she? have i met her or not? will i actually meet her? *monolog seorang aku*

sarara said...

eii, i forgot, nadia najwa n ruhil la ikaa, heee

Anonymous said...

So sweet... I'll pray that you'll be with her till the end. Good luck! ^_^