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Sunday, May 18, 2008


i screwed up.
i'm a frikkin asshole,
so my friends, i'm sorry, i dont think this blog is gonna last...
bye bye..


enchantress said...


Already I am feeling down...and NOW YOU'RE SAYING BYE BYE???


sarara said...

hang in there ok?
keep telling urself
that it'll be ok
and it will

Anonymous said...


why on earth???

have been reading this for some time and I dont see any screw yang tercabut ke ape..

This is just my two cents, i still hope to be able to keep on reading something from this interesting Extra-terrestrial site.

sarara said...

hang in der ok? promise?

Irving said...

What happened? @.@

PS-Anem88 tu member aku, jangan panic...bukan spam ahahaha XD

anem said...


Irving dear, die tau ar.. In fact he was asking me dekat comment kawan die punye blog, if I was your friend..


adieo said...

woah2...what the hell happened here? my last visit was sumwhere in april,so missed a lot...u ok dude? what happened?

Capik! said...

erm.. sumting happened... tgk dlu cmne.. thnx for the support though guys :)

HRH Fiza said...

so shall I say welcome to the club (of retired bloggers)?

Hakim said...


kamu sungguh bersikap dingin di situ...

are-cheese, it may be kind of late, but i know that you are having such a harsh time now. oh well, your pose tells everything (but not precisely)

hang in there bro, keep up the good spirit!

you know to Whom you shall seek relief from