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Sunday, May 11, 2008

To that special one..

u've always been the girl for me since forever,
u've been with me during the bad and the good times,
when i had some good news, you would be the first to know,
and when i had bad news, you would hear me cry,
you never wanted any reward from me,
instead you gave me all I wanted and more,
so on this very special moment,
I just want to thank you for everything that you've done, and will do for me,
and just to add in a special note,
I love u...

Makaseh byk2 ibu...


sarara said...

i almost thought is was for the gf, then i mcm, eh, birthday dia lagi 1 week, then i saw the ibu part, hahahaha

atif said...


HAHAHA. I thought it was for ME, until i noticed the girl part lol =.=



sweet bro =)

Capik! said...

Sarah: hahha! and did u know hazimah pon has the same b'day as me? and that means she also has the same bday as ur mom la kan kan?

Atif: and give me two good reasons why it should be about u? haahhahah!!!!

sarara said...

oh my lord, atiff, how gay are you? ahahaha, im sure capik treasure's u more than that, u see, too ego to admit *wink2*

enchantress said...



*heaves a heavy sigh*

I didn't expect it to be ME either.


*heaves a heavier sigh*

*rolls eyes*

*whistles, plays it dumb*


PS: We mime A LOT, kan?

sarara said...

since we cant see the person's facial expression, hehe

The Soundaholic said...

Yo Bro.

Alalalala, Capik layan sentimental.


Sweet. I'll send you a good song :)

red kapukk said...

me and mum are proud of u son..=p

Capik! said...

Sarah: yeah, i'm just too egoistic to admit it to atif kan sarah?? *throws up*

Abir: *rolls eyes smpai pening kepale* yeah we do mime a lot hehe, excessively even :D

Sarah again: but just look at my picture, it'll explain every facial expression that i may possibly have while replying to the comments hahahaha!!

Maz: what song???

Red Kapukk: weit! cinabeng tol, siapkah anda?? muthyy???? since when did i become ur son? arent u sterile? hahahha!

sarara said...

yeah syafik, ur face mmg, the face of the thousand expressions *sarcasm* cheyt, haha