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Thursday, June 12, 2008

help me help me

Presenting complaint:
nausea, feeling of light headed, lethargy, blocked nose, slight loose bowel motion

Past medical history:
Previously diagnosed with sinusitis, on no medication
previous hospitalization - removal of superficial hematoma on right leg anterior to tibia, removal of tonsils, fractured left shoulder (humerus)

Social history:
does not smoke
drinks daily (coffee) one mug perday for the last 3-4 months
occupation - med student - stressful as hell

Family history:
F&M - Alive and well, not having similar symptoms
Siblings - same as parents

... whats wrong with me doctor? help me help me!!!


atif said...

EYH asal ko tak bawak ubat?! @.@ @.@!!!

Irving Tan said...

*muka solemn*

Acis, aku rasa ko kena Cheesitis. A severe medical condition that converts your stool to a putrid French-cheese lookalike and makes Irving start looking like Tom Cruise.

Don't worry, it's not fatal.

Leh Boon said...

Don't waste money looking for doctor... Hehe... You are one... =D
How are you there? Busy with exams I suppose? Going anywhere during the holidays? Back to Malaysia?
Good luck for your exams and don't give yourself too much stress...
Take care.